Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EXARP skrying

Today I took two finals and it hailed. Not just a bit of light rain mind you, no full on pelting of frozen rain. I rescued what plants I could in the garden and prayed for the rest. It was a very long day and I was far too tired to be exhausted. I did not have the wherewith all to figure out how to turn on the dinning room lights. This should have been my first clue to the day.

This did not stop me from skrying with the good Frater and in many ways I am glad about that. After a shower for all of our sakes I was ready to go. We set up the side altars as instructed last time and changed up how we do the calls. Last time I naturally feel into a rhythm like the canters from the Jewish traditions. It involved full on rocking, a you become your own metronome. It did feel right and I just went with it. Last time I was instructed that 1 person should do it. It occurs to me now that it was because the good Frater needed to learn the rhythm of the process. I will have to work on the angelic interpretations.

Once we got through everything, then the skrying of EXARP began. I only get the slightest idea of where they are before we begin. I want the process to be skrying and not reinforcing what I know about a spirit.

At first I was concerned that I was too tired to get anything and then suddenly I got a spinning and whirling galaxy. About this time a crescent shaped moon felt like it was pressed and burned (but not in a painful way) against my forehead around my third eye. I got an image of a hat of sorts, with a crescent moon mounted to the top. It was an abstract symbol at best. This galaxy formed two external planes that intersected outside of the axis that the galaxy was spinning on. They attempted to rectify themselves. Then I got a download of characters, symbols really, in a very quick succession. I did not have time to make all of them out, but they appeared as physics symbols. I started to call for the angel and felt a presence but did not get an image. I placed my hand over his name on the tablet and grabbed my lamen, the signal seemed to clear up. (I am likening this to grabbing the rabbit ears on the TV as a kid). I asked him/them to show him/themselves and I got a forming of a shape out of a gelatinous goo. When I moved to take a closer look it evaporated. I asked again and it formed a more distinct form as I looked away. As soon as I turned to see it, again it evaporated. This was frustrating.

I asked if he/they liked the temple set up and got "Do not bother me with your ego questions!" Humm, a tad grumpy? That was not like the last one. Then I got a correction on how to pronounce his name, specifically without the pa at the end... just P. Humm again grumpy. I asked about the incense and he said yes it was fine, in a terse manner. It was as if I was bothering him. I asked what his color was and I got blue. Then I got the night sky and a blue view. I was admonished to "Always look up" and he started quoting biblical passages about the things of this world only bringing despair, but that those of heaven went on forever. I asked about his sound and got a flute, I asked if that was a sound and he said "All wind instruments belong to me." OK now we are getting somewhere. I asked if he had a symbol and got a rather sarcastic "Well have you ever seen a star?" and I got a flash of thousands of stars in the night sky. Then I got a flash of a pentagram with the upper right hand corner lit up blue. (This made no sense in my tradition, but I was explained to me by the good Frater as part of GD stuff.) He was finally getting friendlier. He started quoting about looking within and becoming one, I asked what are we going Buddhist now? He actually laughed and said something along the lines of well of course we are of them and they are of us, they just don't know it. I took that to mean that the symbol set was different but that it all boils down to the same type of stuff. I asked if my hamster was really a hamster. He actually laughed at that one. He told me "no, he is one of us (universal implication not enochian) but he just likes to play (mess) with you." I had the distinct impression that this grumpy angel was amused.

I asked about the tablet of Nalvage and got a gelatinous form and an instruction to "Ask Nalvage" again back to grumpy. I asked why we were communicating in symbols primarily and he stated that "there are many of you." I asked if he was in charge of language and he confirmed that. Then I asked "well why are there so many languages?" and he answered "because there are so many of you." I got the impression that the symbols were part of the astral communication process.

After that it started to fade and I called to him. He advised me for patience and in a very sweet and paternal way encouraged me to "sleep now" but be quiet as you will disturb him (the good Frater).

As I opened my eyes the floor started to spin as if it was going to rise up to meet me. It was everything I had not to fall out of the chair and on to the floor. After a few minutes the good Frater opened his eyes and we closed the temple.

I went first describing what I saw/heard/felt. He smiled occasionally as it is becoming apparent that our visions are overlapping and that he gets some of mine and I get some of him. We both have to interpret small bits for each other. Though it appears that we had the same impressions as far as demeanor and temperament. After we closed the temple I intended to type this up. Yet as I layed down on the couch I fell directly asleep. I know that the good Frater woke me long enough to get me to the bed, but I do not remember any of it. As the angel instructed, I slept. I do not remember dreaming, but I remember feelings of peace. It is now 5am and the skrying is still quite clear in head. Very interesting indeed.


Mesila 333 said...

Interesting, and wonderfully described, encounter with the xenodimensionals...Glad I happened to find this.

I'm wondering if EXARP and LEXARP have anything to do with one another...since the names are so similar. What place does EXARP have on the grid, or the aethyrs? I am not a practicing Thelemite just sort of an impudent heretic, with specific, idiosyncratic personal interest in the dwellers of the Abyss.

I have known this agent LEXARP along with COMANAN and TABITOM, being the governors of ZAX along with Choronzon--the focus of my personal heresy being a depthful yet tongue-in-cheeky connexion with that one for the past 23 years.

I find it curious that you experienced a manifestation of EXARP as physics symbols - it's just the sort of left-brainy, logicky stuff I keep seeing associated with the LEXARP figure.

All beings and things whether of this world or of the xenodimensions have some percentage of CON and of DE in their mske-up. This agent - all xenodimensionals being 'agents' of one sort or another - has his/its overall ratio of CON and DE leaning more to CON and away from DE.

DE isn't 'evil' and CON 'good', they're major essences of dissolution and control, chaos and order, apartness and togetherness - which, in eternal opposition, create the primordial Schism of Friction, fuelling the engines that spin the wheels of event and circumstance.

LEXARP is sort of a defector from its CON-orientation, as portrayed in an allegorical mythopoeic setting involving Choronzon, which I've been putting together for years. One segment of it focuses on how LEXARP became a governor of the chaotic qippothic recycling plant of ZAX, even though LEXARP's own bailiwick would seem unfit to be in such a position.

I have seen LEXARP as the foil/antithesis to Choronzon's high concentration of DE. LEXARP brought it cogency, and the ability to communicate coherently as well as cope with silence, which he was once unable to do. in exchange for a favour.

When Choronzon discovered how to Love and was redeemed, he/it was catapulted out of ZAX to walk between this world and the xenodimensions, living partially in both realities at once...leaving LEXARP in charge of the whole schmeer down/out/up/in the Abyss, who was only too happy to become promoted for the first time in centuries. (As one who's less of a prankster than C., LEXARP has a demeanour better suited to the task of guarding the works and escorting visitors who desire knowledge - and yet do not desire too much power - through the zone divesting them of their ego-awareness. (C. did that for me, because I liked him. It made a huge difference.)

All this should be taken with economy sized grains of salt and/or a laugh, of course. There's precious little myth-making any more, and Choronzon wished I do it, echoing my own wishes...so I did. And do. I don't pretend to know whole lot about Enochian in general, however.

Only in the past year or so have I been looking more closely into understanding it beyond its relevance to my mythopoeia. Not long ago, I was finally learning how to pronounce Enochian words correctly--finding that the phonics are quite dissimilar to English.

The way one would say ZAX is zoe-datz. EXARP would be something like ay-datz-ahr-pay if I recall correctly. Maybe you can either confirm or refute this.

Apologies for being so prolix. And thanks for sharing the skrying report, which I ran into completely serendipitously.

- Mesila333

My Gal said...

Welcome and thanks for posting. I am never sure if anyone is reading this :) Certainly there is no need to hold my views of Thelema, I just put it out there so that people know where I am coming from. That is a jumping off place at best.

I am not sure of the LEXARP EXARP connection. EXARP is the Spirit of Air from the Tablet of Union. You might want to ask the next time you talk to either of them. How things are connected is always an interesting dance of the warp and weft. (Sorry old weaving reference)

Though I would caution against too much synergy between systems. Each buerocratic spirit (that is how they register to me anyway) has their place in creation and or destruction. While they are all part of the process they do not all manifest in the same way. The spirits that create mountains are not EXACTLY the same guardians of the abyss. That is not their job and they are working out of class... there are union rules you know :)

Mesila 333 said...

Wow, the description of it as a 'bureaucrat' is a major resonator here. I always describe the Agents as the central elements of an unfathomably complex, Byzantine bureaucracy. And you're spot-on about their having individual roles, that's the bailiwick thing. It was called 'bailiwick', I think, to distinguish from the jobs people have, in which they're given currency in trade for sacrificing time, and energy, at tasks which the vast majority would rather be doing anything other than. For an Agent, the bailiwick chooses it, it is its entire reason to exist and doing it is like breathing air. They can't not do it, there's no concept of not doing it, unless another Agent comes along and starts doing it better, and I get the impression this happens too rarely for us to ever likely witness in a lifetime, and also, the process of takeover is so slow it barely registers...

I do know what I'm perceiving here is largely a product of my own set of mental processes and memory. When an agent (or angel, demon, whatever you'd call it) manifests and I have communion with it, it can only communicate with me using the material it has available to work with.

(BTW: I am really interested in the ones who make mountains...I am acquainted with a geological entity of fire and earth, Vrekakequai, sort of a Hephaestus/Vulcan analogue, though much more contentious. I know of it, but don't know it personally, since to it, human beings are scarcely worthy of notice and it seems to have contempt for the species for infringing on its own bailiwick - something to do with nuclear bombs being past a line that is the territory of the ones who churn magma, they who are distantly related to the ones who build stars. His sister, Vshilshavulishevali, of water and air, the bringer of storms...she's got her own issues, being the one who lets the atmosphere be churned and freed of entropy, the air that is not just layered on top of Gaia but is her skin.

They are both DE predominant, and enjoy boasting to one another of their prowess at causing natural disasters. A Voudoun practitioner I know likened 'Vshilly' to the lwa Erzulie.

There are similarities between systems but I can usually recognise where the boundaries are fixed, and where they are more flux-prone.

So, did I get that pronunciation right? I'm really curious about that...

My Gal said...

Actually I asked HCOMA last night about that and got "You have to ask for yourself" and a long disertation on how none of us pronounce any of their names right because we "do not have the tongues for it." They explained that the enochian and the translations are just codes that we have agreed on.