Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skrying HCOMA

Last night I was exhausted. I was beyond tired from the night before where I slept about 2 hours. I am a 10 hours or I am not pleasant sort of gal. I have embraced my nature. This did not stop me from suggesting that we skry HCOMA last night. Actually I wanted to skry BITOM, but that is out of order.

After showering and rearranging the lamen and altar table issues, we were set to go. As we were opening the temple I kept getting flashes of blue triangles (downward pointing) and sunrises. Then I got flashes of my normal spheres followed by darker negative space spheres. Same stuff just it's inverse. By the time we got to the calls we were really cooking. As we chanted the name the whole thing started to move.

At first I got the lightening bolt flash. When I looked closer it was a river and as I started to "scale" the flash the river turned 90 degrees to the horizontal. I followed the flowing river until I got to a glacial valley with a deep lake. I could feel a presence beacon me forward. I asked for them to show themselves and I got the same formless mass as with EXARP as I looked at it, it vanished without a word or explanation. The presence continued and I started to ask questions. I asked what their colors were, I got flashes of pale yellows, blues, rosy pinks and then it dawned on me. I asked "are you a reflection of all colors?" I got a very distinctly female laughing "yes". I asked about a pronunciation question on my blog and she answered rather tersely "They have to ask for themselves" and then proceeded to explain that none of us pronounce their names right because we do not "posses the tongues for it." Interesting. She (by now it was registering as distinctly female) went on to explain that the calls and the letters were just a code so that we (they) could understand which one we were looking for. A code within a code, how interesting. So then I asked about their nature and she said "we are a force that you cannot understand." I started to argue that I was a physics geek and understood forces. She rather flatly nixed that idea and explained in no uncertain terms that no I did not understand the nature of their forces. Quickly moving along I asked about the nature of water and she laughed again and said "you are child of the waters why do you ask me what you already know?" I took that as a reference to my Piscean nature. I asked if the good Frater as a Leo would understand the visions that he was getting that were mine. She flatly said "no, your type of emotional watery nature will always confuse him." I asked if he took this in a bad way and again she said "no, it will always just confuse him."

I again asked for a form and got a gorgeous white shimmery angel with blonde hair. Just absolutely incredible. I asked almost as a child "hey, you look like the classic angels from my Catholic upbringing?" She laughed and said "We chose the imagery, we could have chosen anything but we liked this one." Implying that they planted the images eons back that would be classic angels. The white shimmery angel changed to a huge white swan who started to swim away, I called after her and she laughed "call on me anytime little one, but you do not need help to understand my nature you need sleep and patience." This is the second time I had heard this from an angel.

I did go to sleep and I am sure that process allows some of it to sink in better for me. When I dreamed it was pleasant and I awoke pleasantly and with a smile. I dreamed that I was floating down a river asleep on the back of a huge white swan. I could have stayed there forever, but alas work calls :)


Rufus Opus said...

Funny how you had great dreams and the Good Frater had nightmares. ;)

Lavanah said...

Sounds like a beautiful experience and dream. I don't wonder at the differences in yours and the Fraters dreaming, though. 'Tis the difference in your comfort levels in such a water sphere, I think.

My Gal said...

Yes, I would happily go there again and again :) I think it was summed up when she told me "you are a child of the waters..." yeah that is me. I will just have to be careful to not get so comfy there that I abandon the other parts of the process :) I do feel for the good Frater though, that sucks. There are days I wish I could loan him my water wings :)