Thursday, December 18, 2008

Water baby

Last nights skrying brought my Piscean nature home to me. I was always the little kid who was first in the pool and literally had to be fished out at the end of the day. Just because my lips were blue and my teeth were chattering did not mean I was cold. My mother still teases me about me being "ffffffiiiiinnnneee." I was also the child that they had to pull out of the bath tub because I was never done playing. When HCOMA told me that I was a "child of the waters" I immediately understood.

So last night we skried the spirit of water and I was right at home. So much so that I risk abandoning all my other work just to go hang out there again. That however is NOT working from balance. It is nice to occasionally feel like you are in the right spot. So much of this work is uncomfortable or downright painful that it is nice to get a pure "aaahhh" out of the experience. So much of the Great Work has felt like duty that it is nice to be in my element :)

If she was anything like the sea nymphs I know now why the sailors followed them. They were beautiful and peaceful. Who cares if destruction is on the other side, this is FABULOUS!

It is unfortunate that I cannot loan the good Frater a set of my astral water wings. It pains me that this part of the universe is so uncomfortable for him. I don't understand that discomfort in the emotional world in the least bit. This is how my universe flows, it ebbs and flows. It washes away the parts that are not me, but beyond all else it flows quietly at times and at others like Niagra falls. It cuts channels in my soul to the depths that happiness and anguish will allow.

A Billy Joel song has been running in my head all day. I think it is called River of Dreams. Part of the lyrics are:

"We all end in the ocean,
we all start in the stream..."

Watery watery days. Go Jupiter go :)

Off to ponder the universe and try to fit the good Frater for water wings. I am sure that when the elements are reversed I will be searching for asbestos underwear. I am not a very good fire walker. I literally have so much emotion that I put out fire candles. Balance. Balance and patience. What strange days indeed.

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