Friday, December 19, 2008

NANTA Skrying

A few years ago the good Frater was kind enough to accompany me to the midwest. As a bribe we saw the Tut exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. It was the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend and everyone was doing something else. We literally were there almost by ourselves. It was the most incredible time!

Some of the most interesting pieces held a special place not because of their energetic buzz, but because of the complete and utter void space. The REAL tools had been wiped clean in some way that I completely do not understand. To this day I do not understand how anything can feel that squeaky clean after all this time. That was some serious cleaning. The ceremonial stuff was completely for show. Though there were a few pieces that just vibrated in their cases.

Some of the tools were for mummification and the opening of the mouth. It was a concept that I was most fascinated with at the time. Though there was a HUGE stone wall as part of their permanent exhibit that was obviously some sort of gate. You could literally hear "and a double welcome to you..." as you got close.

Tonight I was really exhausted but we went in anyway. At first I just kept getting pushed to put more incense on the charcoal. Normally I do not move during the opening calls, but this was LOUD, so I did what I could. After I finished the first and second calls I attempted to look into the skrying mirror. The angel required just didn't work and all I saw was a reflection of the good Frater. I grabbed my lamen and placed my hand across the right area of the tablet.

The imagery I got was dark. So dark that it was as if there was an absence or absorption of light. At first I saw what looked like a spot light giving off light in all directions, but it was so dense and so dark that the light did not make it very far. Then I got images of the tools of the dead. Repeatedly. I was curious why I kept seeing flashing tools, but I peered in closer. As I did, I looked for NANTA. I asked if I could see their form. I got a male flash but I did not get an image. I just knew that a HE or We was there. I did not see anything and then a slit of light formed. I followed the light to a wall of sorts. I heard "and a double welcome to you..." and immediately knew that I needed to push through. When I did I expected to see flowers and a glacial valley, what I got was an outline of everything in space. There was no color but I saw the outline of the Earth and cosmos before me. I asked if I could see his form and again got nothing.

Then I got an image of a rock and a series of pond ripples around the rock, but a very dense and muddy version. Finally we started to converse, but the voice was hard to understand and seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. I asked about this lack of color and he stated that "we are the form of manifestation.. and require other elements to fill in the matter." He was very adamant about being just a place holder that allowed manifestation. I tried to understand and he laughed at me and told me "We do not fit in your boxes and you have too many boxes to understand us."

Again the images were dark and deep. I got a flash of a face. The face was a mix between an old weathered sailor and a green man. It was, however, in no way to be mistaken for human. Again I got flashes of rocks and mud. I will try to sleep and see if the images come in clearer.

I suspect that the problem was that I was getting the good Fraters images. He had not told me about the passing of the childhood mom, but yet the images of death were all over my visions. Oddly enough, it did not feel the least bit scary. It just was what it was.

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