Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magickal adulthood

I stole the lamen off the OTO Canada website. I thought it was particularly well done.

Last night I had to be an adult. A magickal adult. I had several options for my evening. One option that my pisces nature loves was spending time with family. Chosen family but family. It was more of a party and it would be the birthday celebration for several of the members. I desperately wanted to go.

Yet duty called. Duty called and I dragged my feet. I left myself a few outs, I left options for me to change my mind. I mean this was Yule and it was going to be a great time had by all. Yet duty called. My hamster reminded me on several occasions that duty called. I still hesitated. Finally I could no longer avoid it.

To complicate matters, I had a strong suspision that the universe had set up a series of lessons for me. I was under the impression that the work called for was going to put me face to face with an Ex. That process did not end on a good note. I checked the coin, it was cagey. The coin would not give me a straight answer but I suspected that I was walking head long into it. I REALLY wanted to avoid this. There was a party waiting with some of my most favorite people on the planet. What was I thinking?

I was thinking that duty called. I was thinking that as a Pisces I have done some bizarre things to avoid those sorts of conflicts. It was time to be a magickal adult. Damn. I stopped by the local convience store to drink a spine of Monster Energy drink before the impending doom. Hey with a bad liver what did you expect?

As I arrived I prepared to attempt to be gracious in the face of an impending Leo onslaught. When I got there, the universe did not chose to bring THAT lesson into my sphere. I will admit that I was quite relieved and happy. It tells me that I will have to deal with it at some point so it is not all clear sailing :)

My next stop was accepting an offer to attend a druid circle on Alban Arthuan. At the last Pagan Pride Day I ran into them and was so very pleased to find others in the area. We are not of the same tradition and so I was sort of a druid foreign exchange student. They were all warm and wonderful.

When I got there they were already in robes and I was taken by the bright and colorful attire. My AODA stuff is much more a white linen affair. Theirs looked like an illustration from the book of Kells. I can own my robe envy :)

The ceremony was similar to ours but much more Goddess based. I really, really liked how they did everything. As we went to vibrate Awen, I caught the eyes of the organizers. One of them looked at me, in sort of a wide eyed stare. Occasionally, I forget that the rest of the world are not ceremonial magickians and are not used to vibrating God names. I tried to step it down a bit, but that cat was already out of the bag. The ceremony itself was beautiful and everyone had a part. Afterwards we had a wonderful drumming circle.

As the evening drew to a close, I mentioned our Enochian workings in general conversation. I think that most of the folks were not familiar with the process, but at least one head swung around. When I explained my Thelemic bend, his eyes lit up. It appears that there may be more than two Thelemic Druids after all. I will have to tell my buddy in Alaska.

So far everything but my initial steps off the path have been solo adventures. It was very very nice to have been part of a functional group. I am honored to have been asked to attend.

While I am completely bummed about missing the party, it was as nice of an outcome as that particular duty can be :)

Who knew that the Great Work was such a damned VERB!


intothemound said...

Thelemic Druids? We got 'em! ADF has several who'll admit it. Last summer I did a one-off workshop called 'Celtic Thelema - You Don't Have To Be Egyptian'.

My Gal said...

Woot! Rock on Brother! 4 in one lifetime, I just feel the planet quake :) In all honesty I didn't think that we were the only ones, just the only ones we had found so far :) Though I think I have hit for the Druidic cycle, I have now found them in ADF, OBOD and AODA. Curiouser and curiouser!

I will be checking out the blog, in my copious spare time between semesters!

Mesila 333 said...
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Mesila 333 said...

Omigods, but that has been the message that the (idiosyncratically friendly, to me) Choronzon has been imparting to me for the past 11 hours or so, and in a weird way I have never understood in the whole 24 years of the bizarre heretical connexion I have to/with the 'Abyssnik'...I will admit the following is really sketchily expressed here but it's late and I just got through a sort of mind-stretching experience, please forgive me if I'm blathering, but this is really meaningful where I sit:

In summation what I received was something like the following equation, but experientially as opposed to something fully rooted in gnosis alone...if that makes any sense...The following is an equivalent to POWER (a potential 'ability/probability ratio' that works, in other words...)

WILL + EFFORT------------e n e r g y
_______________(--x--) _______________
---m a t t e r---------------B E L I E F---

(I hope this renders right when it's shown in text that is not monospace! It took me throwing all those extra dashes in just to keep the thing from false line-break hell...the dashes mean nothing by themselves, they're just place holders, and the underscores are division-lines.)

The places in that equation held by each of these things is somehow important, they're not random at all...

It really galvanised me to see/be this. I don't claim the airs of being a 'mage' but I believe I just got an inch closer.