Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bitom and a river of purple fire

So last night marked the last of the horizontal angels of the tablet of Union. Bitom the angel of Spirit of Fire was saved for last. We made some more alterations to the tech. This time I used my wand to point at the letters as the good Frater chanted away. It was a prompt from Nanta that took a while to get in use. It took me a while to put the wand and fire bit together, as in the suits of the tarot. There were also some other minor tweaks that made our personal process a bit smoother. We are getting better at it and we are not standing on each other as much. As we do group calls you can feel it moving in waves. It is getting more aesthetically pleasing :)

As we skried I tried to just get the images without grabbing the lamen and the tablet. Yeah that was wholly unsuccessful. So I went back to the technique and it tuned it up as far as that would go. I originally got absolutely no image at all but a heavy feeling or presence. I asked if they were present and got "Well yes" in almost an annoyed voice. It felt like "well you called didn't you?" I asked for a visual form and got absolutely nothing. In fact they/he (it was distinctly male) changed the subject. I asked what his shape was and got a dark cube of space that had electric blue outlines on the lines. It was not flat but spinning on a tilted axis. Then I got an image of a purple river of lava flowing from a huge volcano. The purple threw me. I asked what his color was and he stated purple and then asked "but what makes up purple?" I responded blue and red. I asked if he was Yesod and he sort of laughed. He said that he made Yesod (moon). I asked if he was Jupiter and Mars ( blue and red) and he again laughed that he had made those too. It was like an artist being defined by their work. The process confused me as I did not understand the overwhelming moon references.

I then got a lightening bolt river, much like a hostile version of the one with Hcoma. It was explained to me that his river was one of destruction and phase changes of the instantaneous type. Matter goes to vapor in the presence of lava, often without going through a perceivable liquid phase. Again I got an image that all the angels on the tablet were intimately related to one another.

I asked about his form again and got an image of a humanoid figure in a muddy brown cloak with their back to me. It was like liquid bear fur. Then suddenly the cloak had thousands of gold symbols all over it. There were so many symbols that it hurt my head to look at it. I turned away and the image faded. I got a strong, "now do you understand why I didn't show you a form previously?"

I asked about the tablet of Nalvage and got that while Nalvage is the ruling angel, the angel of day to day operations in Dias. I will have to investigate that further.

Suddenly I got an image of an electric blue omega. It is a traditional symbol for electrical resistance. Just then he kissed me on the third eye and my eyes opened. It was rather shocking. I half expected to wake up with a physical mark. As I turned to look at the charcoals the last of the frankincense was burning out. Curiouser and curiouser.

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