Wednesday, December 24, 2008

XCAI - Moon void of course

Last night we checked the moon and it was close to going from Scorpio to Sag, but we decided to go for it. We would have a few hours in between the void of course. We found that the Tarot Deck of Ceremonial Magick allowed you to spell out the names from the Tablet of Union. My prince of wands was missing out of my deck. Coincidently that is the good Fraters card. Very curious.

So as we set the temple everything was moving along. It didn't have any special pop but it wasn't dead either. It just sort of was. As the good Frater started to open I kept getting images of shiva. In brass none the less. I almost struck the pose several times. Very odd. Then when we actually got to skrying the real adventure began. I attempted to use the skrying mirror to no avail. The face staring back at me was my own and the process was just too disjointed. So I went back to how I had been skrying.

At first everything was completely dark, but then I got a spinning whirling line of blue light it was forming the atomic symbol but was moving at such a clip that it was actually making me dizzy. I called and asked if XCAI was there. I got nothing. Then I got a presence but still this whirling. I called for them to show themselves and I got a blob form. I asked what their shape was and I got BITOMS blue cube spinning in space. Something didn't seem right. I asked if that was BITOMS cube and I got a hyper excited male childs voice. He told me that they share some of the symbols. Again something did not seem right. I vibrated the name at it and it moved back. Never a good sign. Then I got a female voice very similar to HCOMA, in fact it may have been a version of her. It explained that I was too close to my moon and that the signal was too wide. I asked what she meant. I was not having female issues. She stated that the moon was changing too much and the signal was picking everything up. She said that as a pisces and a child of the moon this was a larger issue for me.

Then I started to get both voices. Shit. He was trying to talk over her and she was trying to explain to me why things were moving in a bad way. It was like she was interceeding. She again explained that the signal was too wide and I was letting in too much static. I took this to mean that HE was not who he said he was. He was trying to talk over her and was getting flat out aggitated at the interuption. Then then good Frater started to move the table ( he was writting) and that pissed this thing off. He spun around and was preparing to "shut him up." I yelled at him in the vision and he spun around on me. I think that I actually made some sort of sound because the good Frater stopped what he was doing, I think. Then this thing tried to talk to me again in a little spoiled brat sort of way. He wanted my attention and was prepared to do what it took to keep it. I was starting to back out of this process when the good Frater started moving the table again. This time the thing whirled around with the very clear intention of launching something physically at him. I shoved it out of the sphere and opened my eyes. I looked at the good Frater and said "this isn't working." I laid my head down on the table and started to cry.

The good Frater ( ever the level headed magickian) stopped what he was doing and said in a commanding voice "then we will banish". He proceeded to do so as I put my head down on the table. He took off my ring and told me to take off the lamen. The rest is sort of blur as it he closed the temple. I left the temple quickly and went to the jacuzzi to banish any weird bits. As a pisces it is my mecca of centering and grounding. After that I went and sat in the office. I was still shaking and not at all in the right spot.

As I went to sleep the good Frater suggested using a grounding rock that he had just for such magickal emergencies. I slept with it under the bed. In the morning, I put it in my pocket before I went to work. After almost 24 hours, I am back to as normal as I get.

When I went to look at the statue of Shiva, I noticed that he is standing on a small demon. One of the many legends of that demon was that it was sent to destroy Shiva when he was in disguise with the sages. My feeling is that I either picked up a bug or I got a really BAD form of the entity. I will try it again and figure out what was. If it was a bad form during the moon no problem. If it was an astral bug, his ass is mine. I am a Pisces with a Taurus moon. Screwing with me will annoy me, messing with the good Frater will have me searching for the iron and asofodetia.

Hopefully in the next few days I will ask XCAI again and get this straightened out.

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