Saturday, December 13, 2008

First skrying - EHNB

After many false starts we finally worked with the enochian tools today. It involved more than a bit of will on my part. The good Frater was not feeling well today, but I assured him that he would feel better once he got in the temple. It was a calculated risk at best. While I am the pisces watery bit of the group, I am also one of the strongest willed versions on the planet. Poor man.

We had a game time change of directions and moved to skry the Tablet of Union working with EHNB first. It seemed to be a good choice and we moved forward finally.

The only robes that are not dedicated to particular works are my white druid robes, so off I went in linen feeling a bit like an altar clothe. Though the effect of the black and red in the room is quite nice. When the good Frater changed into black robes, we had a serious polarity going on.

He opened and I followed. Yes I am capable of opening but quite honestly I like hearing him do it. It is soothing and primally comfortable. When I am sick he can put me to sleep just by banishing. I rarely make it to the Qcross. Once we got it open we took turns with the lines and tried to rhythmically stumble through the Enochian letters, which do not come trippingly off the tounge I chose to take our group incense burner in and used mugwort - a lot of mugwort. Amusingly, it also has a mother of pearl rim that was pointed out by EHNB.

When we finally got to skrying, I was more than a bit concerned. As a pisces I had worked hard to close those doors. Would they open back up on command? Was I going to be able to see anything after all of this work? Finally I just got over myself and my ego enough to dive in. When I finally did I started to get Greek and Hebrew letters. Tavs, deltas and all sorts of T cross sort of symbols. They were abstract and I was concerned that I was not going to understand. Then I got an image of a Neanderthal cave man - maybe a hominids. He was walking along a mountain range in a very determined way and was staring at the ground only in front of him. I was getting more confused and suddenly I felt a presence or a narrator.

He stated that I needed to place my hands on the lamen and the tablet. I did so and the communications became much clearer. I asked where the light was and he said that it was all around me but that there was nothing wrong with the dark. They created both. The dark to show the light. He showed me my very familiar spheres. He stated that this was them and spoke of himself as "we". I asked why they did not show me all of their light and they/ he laughed and said "because we would blind you". He started to quote bible scripture at me in reference on how to contact them "those with eyes to see and ears to hear." I asked why he chose those words and they said "because you understand them" rather matter of factly. I got the distinct impression of a parental sort of presence. I asked if they liked the temple set up and they stated "yes we appreciate and are very pleased with your efforts, but you need to put up an altar on the side for everything that should not be on the table." I got a flash of my druid altars. He then told me to sit up straight and to stop moving so much because I was disturbing the good Frater. He stated that we needed to make contact by one magickian chanting and not divide up the calls and to use a wand. It was a point of focus and not necessarily a group effort. He also suggested that we use a more traditional skrier scribe technique "because we were getting each others images, but it's good for you." Somehow this was understood to mean that we were getting interlinked visions that we would need to separate, but that might be a very good process for two solo magickians. I asked if could contact them again anytime and they stated "once you have turned that lock you can access us anytime." They explained that they were always here and that they were just sort of waiting for me to make contact. I asked if they always existed and they seemed to beam with almost a pride. "Yes, we have always existed and a part of you has too. We make the world and as such are agents of creation. For now, patience and cleaning."

The whole feeling was that of a parent talking to a child in a loving and gentle way. It was explaining in my own terms and gentle correction of things that could be done better. I was instructed that we needed to use a different incense as mugwort is my crutch for divining and not their mode of contact. It would work, but again there were better ways. I wanted to get a great deal more information but was told "Patience, all will be revealed, but you need to learn patience." Damn the one thing that I just did not want to hear :)

So after that the contact faded and I sat back. After a bit, the good Frater completed his skrying and he closed the temple. Then we compared notes. I suspect that it will be quite a process to carve out his images from mine but we will get better at it as time goes on. Curiouser and curiouser.

As we left I suddenly noticed some dusting that had been neglected in the hustle and bustle of life. It was a moral imperative to complete it. Worse things in the world I suppose than having a clean home :)

In all honestly I cannot wait to get back in and give it another go. After talking to the good Frater, I now know why I mysteriously have white roses blooming in December. These guys have a strange way of manifesting their own tools. Very interesting indeed.


Jason Miller, said...

Interesting session. Back in the 90's I scryed the aethyrs and on the first one I was taught to "tune" the image in by touching the scrying device, or if I was in trance and literally traveling, to touch the obects around me.

My Gal said...

Because I am left handed I suppose that grabbing the tablet with the right hand and the lamen with the left makes a certain amount of energy flow sense. I will ask if there is a better way to get to the right one :)Thanks for the input!

My Gal said...

Because I am left handed I suppose that grabbing the tablet with the right hand and the lamen with the left makes a certain amount of energy flow sense. I will ask if there is a better way to get to the right one :)Thanks for the input!