Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oracles of all forms

December 11, 2008

  1. PiscesPisces (2/19-3/20)

    No matter how much you have planned to do for this day, you need to try to keep things simple. If you toss too many details into the mix, you are bound to get overwhelmed -- which could make you very cranky! This day has a lot of potential to be very enjoyable, so it would be a shame to make yourself stressed. Avoid overcomplicating things or trying to make them exactly how you want them to be. Good enough is good enough, save perfection for another time.

The above was grabbed off of yahoo today. It made me giggle a bit. No I do not believe the 1/12 of the population is having the same day, but I think that there is good advice in general in there.
You see this is really how my life works. I get an idea, then I get a really big plan, then I figure out how to accomplish that plan and then I set to work. Sometimes that works out beautifully and sometimes it is fraught with disasters. Last night and today were starting off in the fraught with disaster lane. So I am changing lanes.

We were all hot to trot to get into the temple and then we determined that it was a moon void of course. Damn. Does it matter? I consulted a knowledgable friend and got back "Who knows?". Thanks man love you too. One of my mentors was not going to let me off the hook that easily. Damn. So we postponed the process until we were both functional and the moon was direct. I am not happy about it. Nope not one bit. In fact I was quite the sulking brooding Pisces last night. It is ugly to watch I assure you.

So this morning I got up with resolve at 4:45 AM. I sent emails, I organized bits, I prepared for studying and made a PLAN. You see I have a Taurus ascendant and even the most spontaneous movements go within this PLAN. Mess with the plan and I am grumpy. It may only be for a nanosecond but it is there. Seriously it would go like this "I won the lotto, woot... damn that wasn't in the plan today... oh never mind."

Somewhere in the order of the morning I checked my home page and that was on there. It just made me giggle. I had already planned out and packed my day up to the eyeballs. The day I had taken off to study, was quickly going to be dayplanner nightmare. So screw it. I am going to nap and study. Sometimes the universe uses very strange messangers, but I am starting to work on the message :)

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