Sunday, December 7, 2008

Red silk and gold tassels

So today was chaotic but I finished the silks and the floor covering. Early on in the process we changed our minds from red silk on the floor to a cotton. I love silk don't get me wrong, but I could not protect it enough from the chairs and table. The concept of tearing glorious red silk just hurt my head. We settled on a load bearing 100 % cotton. It was even on sale - destiny I say :)

Because of my former life as a costumer, I have things laying around that most people don't have. I had 4 of the above tassels for instance. Also I had several yards of gorgeous red raw silk. Both of which were pressed into service today. It always makes me giddy and sad to pull something out of the craft room and be able to utilize it. The Pisces in me is at once pleased and mourns the loss :) Today was no exception. I had the abject privilege of choosing the LEAST gaudy of 3, yes 3 matched sets of gold tassels. The cover to the table is a 43 inch square with 4 gold tassels, one on each of the ends.

When I was making it, I was remembering pictures I had seen of renaissance goblet covers. Again liturgical pieces that had purposes. The cover looks just like a communion cup cover. It is glowing red and gloriously shiny.

Because I cannot do anything the easy way, I split the 10 yards of material into 3 equal sections (yeah try that one sometime for fun). I chose to french and then later modified it to flat feld the seams. If you were to pick up this huge floor covering you would not see any raw edges and in fact it appears joined similar to jeans. The finished measurements are almost 10 by 12 feet. It is however, really sturdy. The rest of the material will disintegrate before those seams come apart.
As soon as I was finished we set up the whole thing in the temple and I am quite pleased with the results.

Now all that is left is to felt and adhere the veneer edging to actual table. They are more cosmetic than functional. If we were both in better shape we would have been able to actually DO something tonight. That was a fantastic feeling.

I am a gal who has spent months hand beading wedding dresses and so I am familiar with the process of slow and patient work. I am not, however, any good at the patience part. It is tuning itself up in the temple and I am ready to get to Work.


Lavanah said...

"The Pisces in me is at once pleased and mourns the loss"

LMAO! I'm no Pisces, but damn I resemble that remark!
I have 4 gold and scarlet tassles that resemble the ones you used, that I haven't been able to find the right project for. But I like to visit with them. :-)

My Gal said...

I thought that you would understand most of all :) I am glad that they have found their destiny and a glorious destiny it was, but I really liked having them around.

Though in looking for the picture I found that I could buy them wholesale cheaper. I just have to buy 2000 of them. Somehow that creates a storage issue :)

Humans are strange creatures :)