Saturday, December 6, 2008

Closer to happy - Enochian tools

OK once again, I am not a photographer and I am truly sorry for the bad pictures.

While working on the table I listened to tons of music. One of the radio shows had on a band and they were saying that their albums were never completed they were just released. I feel exactly the same way about the table. There is so much more I could do, but at some point I just have to get on with the work. The table was finally sealed today with 3 layers of laquer. Tomorrow will bring another 3 layers and then it will be down to finishing the edges. This first one is just the table sitting on my kitchen table - upside down :) If you are dyslexic like I am, it is perfectly functional! The colors are not exactly correct, as the lighting is bad and the gold is messing with the camera. Tomorrow I will get better pictures of just the table.

Since we used dissimiliar paints, I did what all reasonable magickians do. I called mom and asked for advice. Bless her heart she asked "uhm what are you making?" and I explained it the best I could including the part about the magickal tool. Without missing a beat she told me" oh you need Defts laqueor you can get it at OSH". As usual, she was dead on. So we go to get it and can not find it. When we finally do there are a ton of options. So there I am in OSH on the cell calling mom. We settled on semi gloss because she cautioned "oh the gloss can make it look cheap!" Again she was right. After 3 quick coats it sealed it nicely, but you have to run you hand across it to tell. It just disappears.

The one on the right was taken in the temple with some of the rudimentary equipment down. We are just not patient people and wanted to see what it would look like vaguely. Again the pictures do not do this any sort of justice. Tomorrow I will finish the silk top and floor. After that we will actually have to do something with all this potential energy.

We placed the ensigns on there along with the good Fraters skrying mirror. I think that the reason that we could not find the right tools for the crystal was that the skrying mirror was demanding to be put there instead. When we placed it on top you could feel the column radiating. Honestly I cannot wait to get started. Wheee!!!!


Frater Servitor said...

I suppose I should have left my comment here instead of where I put it.
Duh. The comments about the table and a filter would've made more snse that way, right? Oh, well...

My Gal said...

While I have a fabulous old Nikon somewhere, right now I have one of those cybershot 7.2 mg Carl Zeiss cameras. I have no idea if I can even do anything with this baby.

I might have to breakdown and take a photo class at school. My pictures are just horrible :)

Jason Miller, said...

Your tools are friggin awsome!

My Gal said...

Thank you! I am quite pleased by them. They are bright and shiny :) In all actuality I like how they feel even more. It is really a sense of "whoa.."

Susanne Iles said...

Swoon! How gorgeous is that? You should be very proud of how your hard work is turning out. Beautiful!