Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Work of the Empress part III - Ingredient X and ash

Here is an unfinished post I found stuck in draft form

Original found in draft form from 1/10/11.

So after yesterdays experiment with the flour, I was left with a considerable amount of dough. Since I had a clear winner, the other two experiments were really just begging to be recycled. It occured to me that this was a prime opportunity to create a lifetime supply of ash.

OK let me back up here.

The original recipes for Cakes of Light called for small bits of sexual fluids to be added to the mix. This is akin to the egg sack in which the embryo forms and is fed. As a practicing sex magickian I know that the fluids contain some fairly heavy magickal bits. It is our Victorian sensibilties that send most of us running at this point.

In the early 80's the practice was modified and banned for public celebrations. The concern over sexually transmitted diseases and blood borne pathogens was real. My microbiology background totally kicks in here. A compromise was found in the older text.

"... this burn: of this make cakes and eat unto me..." Chapter III Liber Al

It was determined that through sympathetic magick and the law of contagens, you could get the same magickal kick but without the risk of infection if you added a bit to mix and then burned it until it was ash.. (Here is where the draft ended)

So what happened that day was that while pregnant I made a lifetime supply of ash by adding a bit of fluid to an entire batch worth of COL dough. I rolled it out flat on a cookie sheet. I then cranked the oven to 500 
and let it burn for almost an hour. What was left I crumbed and made into ash. As I have a small jar of it and I only use a pinch, this should be a lifetime supply.

This seems to be a general standard practice. Once you cook something to the point of ash for an hour any biological issues are resolved.

And now you know.

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