Saturday, January 4, 2014

The long road home

So I have been locked out of this blog for over 2 years. While doing some research for a recreation of the Enochian tools, I decided to try to sign in again. I have tried this numerous times in the past but today it worked. The Enochians work in strange and obsession filled

A quick update. I am now living in San Antonio.  Frater Anubis and I are married. The Cub is almost 3 years old. We started Camp 718 a few months ago. Frater Anubis is now an ordained EGC priest and I am officially a novice priestess. We have been doing Gnostic Masses here and in Austin at Scarlet Woman Lodge.

Lately I have been teaching classes at one of the local pagan bookstores. The last class was a reprisal of a talk I did for Totocon in November on the Cube of Space. The next one will be working on Sigil Construction and spares' alphabet of desire. I need to find a few books but that one should be interesting. We will first learn to banish as a class because I am not constructing those with folks who are dragging astral goo around.

Frater Anubis brought me a beeswax block a while ago as a little "I love you" gift. It appears that the Enochians have been at work on this project for a while. Suddenly I am feeling that old push for creation that is distinctly Enochian.

 It was confirmed last night that I cannot get access to the old tools and this pisses me off to no end. I worked incredibly hard on those. The tools were cocreated and so they should have been destroyed when we split. They are just so beautiful that I could not bring myself to do it. In retrospect I should have insisted on destroying them.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the new set!

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Steve Bellshaw said...

Hi, I happened upon your Blog through 'Doing Magick'. I've found yours to be a great read, full of life.

I was just wondering if you found the cause of your eye pain? I've had horrendous pain in the center of my right eye and initially put it down to a scratch or something, although I don't know when and it's not consistently there, except in the middle of the night now.

Ritual wise, I do the Tibetan rites, LBRP and MP daily.