Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Response to a question about tools

Most of the time I walk away or ignore most discussions that start off arguing minuscia of the LBRP. Generally this is where people do that particular ritual twice and decide that they are ascendant Masters. Honestly,that part was old a decade ago.

This particular thread went on to ask about why we would even need magickal tools. For me this is where it turned and got interesting.  This is where the trap of ego gets big and nasty. This is where smart people do really stupid things.

Let me speak from experience here for a minute before we get into the why. One of the ego traps that springs up for smart folks is interpolation. Humans are pattern making and recognizing machines. Smart people have gotten lazy because those patterns seem obvious and you can takes short cuts to fill in the blanks. X plus Y should equal Z. The problem is that; it might, but it could, though it does not have to and it probably does not. Here is where we step in the steaming gooy pile of ego. Oh and is it ever messy!

The magickal tool is a mind training tool in and of itself. Once it is created you have learned to focus and direct that part of your mind. You have learned how to turn your scattered thoughts and energies into a concentrated laser beam of focused Will.

So let's take a magickian making a wand. They
start by finding out what type of wood wands are traditionally made. In my case I chose oak for personal reasons. Not the least of which is that I am allergic to almonds and that seemed like a very bad idea to be allergic to your wand. I cut the wood for the wand, wrapped it and dried it. After it seasoned for about 6 months in the blazing Sun, I sanded it and covered it in bees wax left over from alchemy work. There were many more steps but each one heped me to focus my Will through concentration and effort. At the end of the day I now have a laser of Will. No matter what my starting energies were I have intensified them by orders of magnitude.

So here is the final trap. Once you have created this physical manifestation of your concentrated Will you may or may not need it for your workings. After it becomes part of you then you can tap into that laser beam when needed. People who have integrated this into their universe can chose.

This is usually the piece of the puzzle that the naturally talented smart person grabs on to for dear life. Yes you can proceed without the tools but until you do the Work you are going to stay in the same spot energetically and magickally. Which is your choice but you should at least know why you are making that choice.

Off to Work...more latter!

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