Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gematria and snapping your brain open

As a dyed in the wool geek, gematria is just clean fun. At various points in my journeys I have turned to the blueprints of the universe and put forth questions. Gematria to me has always been more of an "ooooh I see" sort of oracle than a seek out and ask questions deal.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the number of fellow travellers had reached 31. This number has been following me for a while now. It is Babalons number and this Goddess has been very active in my life as of late. As usual I take note but am not entirely sure what it means. I suspect that in a few years all of the cards will have been played and the sublties therein will make themselves known.

Last night I did the gematria of my name to find that it comes out to 1331. I was rather enjoying the geeky Palandrome of the number when it occurred to me that it is also the cube of 11. In my tradition 11 is the number of the balanced and perfected magus. It is the macrocosm and the microcosm combining into a single unit. It has been a number assigned to me through an initiation and I assumed that everyone got that number - I was mistaken.

So what does it mean that in 3 space my name equates to 11? Does it mean that my mother was fond of French spellings? Does it mean that balance is coming into my universe and making itself known? Does it mean the tarot card of Lust is supposed to play a stronger roll in my life? I will answer a qualified yes and no to all of the above.

Gematria is a connection tool. It is a glorious form of mental masterbation that helps us connect the dots of the universe and helps us to see the forrest for the trees. It is also a glorious way to get your monkey mind so busy on calculations that you have no time to do anything else and eventually snap your mind open like a crisp carrot.

As of late my monkey mind has been having a field day working overtime. Perhaps the Gematria is just enough to shut it up so I can get some work done. Only time will tell.

So to the 31 fellow magickians... lets see what the Great Lady has in store for me.

Enjoy your universe!


Ari MacGuire said...

This is a kick ass post. The magickal motto I chose adds up to 11 too. :p My real name adds up to 111. Care to share some of your findings on 111? I'm still trying to make sense out of it.

My Gal said...

111 is part of the Kamea of the Sun and has many interesting attributions. There are many online versions of 777 and other Gematria text. It is an interesting adventure.

Jow said...

That is a great way to work with Gemetria! "You want stuff to do, Monkey Mind? HAVE TONS OF MATH!"

Not being math minded as much I find it very frustrating. I felt like such a n00b as a budding occultist and just.. puzzling over it.

Glad to see you are in it to win it! It's the only way to be with it.. if you get frustrated and confused like I usually did it just is like banging your head against a wall. I guess the trick is you bang your head against that wall till one of those two breaks. ;)

aviv is said...

Yeah, i checked it with the Gematria Calculator and it is true,