Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog reality check of the cabal

This shirt was seen on my travels of late. It provided a great chuckle and a good reality check. My partner in crime that day did not understand why I was laughing so hard.

I have no false hopes that my blog will change the world of magick or be cutting edge. It is however an honest account of a working magickians universe. There are not enough of us in the world and definately not enough who are willing to share their splats as well as their successes. I am lucky to have blogging buddies that I affectionately call siblings.

When Jason was in town he spoke of the Cabal of bloggers and I am starting to understand. None of us move on the same spoke to the center of the wheel. In fact, some of my closest blogging buddies are diametrically opposed. Some of the cabal I had lived with for years, others I may never have the chance to meet in person. It does not mean that I do not love and respect everyone of them.

As I sit here chowing down on fine chocolate and calculating planetary hours, I realize that it is indeed quality and not quantity that makes all of the difference. So to all who are part of the cabal know that you are loved and appreciated. To those who chose to read and hopefully take away a bit here and there that helps you along your path, take it in good health it was written for you. Quality and not quantity makes all the difference.

Enjoy your univerese!