Monday, March 29, 2010

Wandering in the dessert


The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of magickal and mundane activity. I had done some workings to get on my feet and the universe granted me my wish in spades. Yes working 16 hour days are really quite lovely....

In that time I have been working on all sorts of magickal endeavors. Some large and some small. All of them focused on making the journey smoother. Sometimes those have been revealed to be long term and not short term issues. OYE!

All in all strange angels have been at work with me. For every smack to the head there have been two incredible acts of kindness. For a while my faith in humanity had been completely shattered,but now it is duct taped together with the optomism only a pisces can muster.

I have found that while the Goetia are very efficient at many things, they are still fratured and need tending. Much like a very dangerous guard dog, you must be careful how you train them and what you expect them to do.

The Enochians, specifically HCOMA, have been much more active in the creative process. Some of the most amazing moments have been surrounded by swan images and that I cannot chalk up to coincidence.

Back to the grind and off to find the rest of my universe... I think it is in that box over there.....

Enjoy your universe.


Rufus Opus said...

So glad you LIVE!

The Scribbler said...

The cabal has missed one of its favorite co-conspirators.

My Gal said...

Thank you gentlemen. I plan to be more active in the VERY near future.