Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ta Dah

I live!

I was going to wait until Groundhogs day to reemerge but I thought that this was just as good a time.

Sorry for the long delay in posts. It has been a rather wild 8 weeks. The good news is that I am alive and well. I am also doing quite a bit of magick in the process. Some of it has been efficient and some of it has been well... less than efficient.

The consulting gigs have been turning out quite well despite the hard work and travel to parts unknown. It is a fascinating journey and one that will take me far and whee... ( Pardon my ee cummings reference).

I have also started a second grove out at my parents house and that seems to be going quite well despite it just being in the clearing stages. They have 3/4 of an acre and prospects for plants and herbs is almost as unlimited as my imagination.

One of the first tasks of moving into my parents was to clean a space. This is not your ordinary smudging here. I mean CLEAN it. I started with a bucket of cold water with hyssop sprinkled in. I scrubbed every inch of this space with the chant "Wash me in hyssop and I shall be clean." I then smudged the crap out of it (literally) with rosemary and then sage. Once I had cleared the space I started the painful and disorienting task of deconstructing and reconstructing my altar.

It is painful because so much of my universe was wrapped up in that altar and moving the pieces around is just a teeth grinding experience. I sewed a new altar cloth and rearranged and pared down many of the extraneous things that had been cluttering my altar. It is now a lean mean magickal machine.

I am at a bit of a crossroads with respect to where I will go and what I will do, but if you wish you can all come along for the ride.

Now off to start some seeds. There is just something comforting about the process of life starting anew.


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