Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boom boom go the lights

So after working on some glorious physics most of the day, I went out to a local bookstore to continue as activities went on at the house. I took the laptop with me which was mistake number 16 on the day. I finished the lab and then it ate it. Just when I thought that this joy would never end, they started playing Christmas music.

That works as my personal lesser banishing ritual, if Santa has not made it down the parade yet!

So I get home and the house has an eerie candle lit glow. I am already in a bad mood and I am not sure what this is about. When I get in to investigate there is no power to just the house. The neighbors are fine, it is just the house. WONDERFUL!

The back story to this is that the Good Frater has been working on Jason Miller's class meditations. He has been feeling everything and pulling energy out of the Earth.

The Hamster immediately jumped to "What did you DO???"

I went out and checked the circuits. Everything seemed to be on. Shit!

I went back in the house and was positively sulking by now. I asked the good Frater to ask the various house guardians what the nature of the problem entailed. He was on too many pain pills to hear clearly so he gave me the "phone." I started asking questions and got opposing (but ultimately true) answers. Again a lesson in asking the right question...

Finally PG&E shows up and explains that our meter is "blown open". It happens with these smart meters he says. Within 2 minutes we are up and going. I thank the man profusely and eye the good Frater.

Coincidence? Maybe? Just in case no more of that! It will be hard to explain why we have gone through 27 meters.

The good news is that I am no longer the only one who blows up electrical equipment. Yes I will savor this moment! Assuming that the lights are on long enough for me to post this.


Frater POS said...

There is no proof that I blew out the electric meter! None. And I didn't draw from the electrical grid. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. The fact that is happens to be true is irrelevant.

My Gal said...

Just wait until I finish the semester and you can blow it up until your heart and ears content. Until then....