Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tides are changing

The above picture was taken last weekend at Seal Beach when my LA family was kind enough to take me down to the water. As a Pisces it was like plugging into a battery.

I process life and magickal things slowly. It is ironic because I usually process information very quickly - right up until it impacts me. Then it hits a filter. A big Taurus kicking and screaming filter.

When I did the cube of space talk I could not get the corner that was Death ( Scorpio) to balance in 3 space for love nor money. It kept twisting no matter which ropes I tightened or loosened. Eventually, I gave up and make a joke about it being a lovely rhombus of space and continued. This was a big screaming visual clue that I was missing something large. I was just trying to ignore it.

Last weekend I went down to LA to dissolve into ecstasy the Lodge where I started. In speaking with my family it was decided to be a sort of day of the dead party. As a joke and serious life lesson I brought my wedding dress. That had dissolved into ecstasy many years ago amicably. I spent 18 months hand beading the thing, it was nice to wear it again. Well that and I really liked the tiara. I could not help but think of myself as a large representation of the Art card. I had a white dress, a crown and red cloak. Whether or not I consciously planned it, there was alchemy a foot.

As part of my trip my siblings took me down to Seal Beach. They graciously allowed me to put my feet in the water. While there I had an inspired moment to draw a few of my personal magickal symbols and charge them with the energy of the ocean. I then watched as they dissolved and spoke with HCOMA from the Tablet of Union about my intentions. When I was done, nothing but sand, dreams and water were left.

When we were defending the mural, one of the elder photographers had a great line. He stated.

"I have always lived by to thine own self be true and the rest was negotiable."

That line has been running in my head since I got back from LA. Changes are a foot. Big life changes. I can feel the pull of the tide and must embrace Death and let go of those things that are no longer of me. I must embrace the putrefaction that Scorpio implies and move on. Compost happens.

In that line of thought I have a few things that are nonnegotiable.

1. I am a Thelemite sex magickian
2. I am a Druid
3. I love deeply and fully

Beyond that, everything is negotiable.

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