Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cube of Space and the aftermath

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They do incredible book bindings and as soon as I win the lotto, I am on their doorstep!

The last two weeks has been an adventure to say the least. The Cube of Space talk went well and several folks expressed interest in the OTO classes. I realized though why I was actually there about 5 minutes into the talk. There were two girls down front that were not so sure about all of this, but they really wanted a tarot reading. I found it funny that I was Hamster kicked into tucking my cards into my bag that morning. I had not intended to do anything with them. The Hamster knew otherwise.

After the talk. which rambled a bit I admit, the girls tentatively approached me. They asked me how much I charged for a reading, when I said that I didn't they were a bit shocked. We went over to a quiet area and as soon as I pulled out the Thoth deck one of the girls noticed the Hermetic Cross on the back of the cards. She asked me what the cross was and as I explained it. You could literally see both of them relax. It might not be the largest moral victory but if two young ladies came away from the event with a sense that we are not out to sacrifice cats and other such nonsense, then it was time well spent.

Since the event several folks have come up and asked for clarification on the specifics. All in all I would say it was more sucessful that I anticipated.

Some of the unexpected fall out came from the annual edition of the "drama club."

From my humble experience people come to paganism for a number of reasons. Most of those can fall into three general catagories: a quest spiritual enlightenment, flipping off the mainstream religions and because they are just generally hard to get along with and need some reason to scream that they are being persecuted. The last one rarely has anything meaningful to add to the pagan conversation. They are however often the loudest.

This years drama club escalated to thinly veiled threats of some sort of violence against the good Frater. It really was a banner year. I am generally a calm and gentle soul. Right up to the point where you threaten me or mine. If you want to see a mother bear in action just push, trust me she is in there. I take all threats seriously, but must say that some of the chaos was amusing. The genius ringleader decided that I just wanted to burn all witches. I explained that since I had been HPS at several large wiccan gatherings and would have to set half of my family on fire, it was probably a bit off the mark. While amusing I must say that eventually all of this gets old.

It is why in many ways I prefer as Jason calls it the cabal. I enjoy the company, online or in person, of Working magickians. The local community is so diverse and diluted/polluted that it is hard to find working magickians here. In fact the concept of magick is often very foreign and scary to the local community. Thinking happy thoughts and dancing around with flowers in their hair is about as far as they go. And that is fine. I just prefer the company, online or in person, of working magickians who do not meet me with stunned silence when I explain my recent working.

Enough for now. More later on the new adventures :)

Peace to all and enjoy your universe.


Lavanah said...

Well then, hooray for "time well spent" and "better than anticipated." For so many reasons the preferred state in this country is "persecuted." That way the "persecuted" has carte blanche for whatever they do because it is "defense" and they don't need to look deeply into their own beliefs and actions.

The thing about (human)mama bears that most people forget about-you don't see the claws until there is nothing you can do about them.

I have a very good feeling about your OTO project...
(yes, I know those were 3 very scattered comments!)

Suecae Sounds said...

I am a little bit curious: did you adopt the works of P.F Case or did you go another route entirely in the Cube of Space-talk?

My Gal said...

@ Lavanah - I am fluent in scattered. Than you for your insightful commments. I would agree that persecuted is preferred state for many.

@Suecae Sounds - I started with researching some of the books by folks in the BOTA. Unfortunately the process was so hard to stomach that I ended up doing a ton of research on other methods. In LMD Thoth Tarot there is a brief explaintion of the cube of space and Hermetic Cross. I expanded on that piece of it and went from there.

wind said...

That leather book binding is amazing, but I couldn't find it at maybelogic. Could you possibly point me toward whoever does that work? Thank you. BTW I enjoy following your blog!