Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shifting perspectives at 800 miles per second

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I thought that it captured the spirit of the last two weeks. The Earth spins through the galaxy at approximately 800 miles per second. Hence we are always on the go :)

As a pisces I tend to pick obscure topics to speak on for our local Pagan gatherings that interest me. If I am not passionate about a subject it really just isn't worth either of our time. Ever since the Enochian workings I have been fascinated with the information pieced together for me and more importantly it's practical implications. I mean understanding it is one thing, but DOING something with it is quite another.

I ponder things and how they are connected constantly. Honestly, I go to bed wondering about space fabric and quarks. I have done so ever since I can remember. The fascination of how things were put together inevitably brought me to tear a lot of things apart. Some of which did not go back together as smoothly. Object lesson dually noted.

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is "The most inconcievable thing about the universe is that it IS conceivable."

I apply that logic to magick as well. If you understand how the natural world works then you can work within that frame work with minimal efforts to bring about the desired effects. This is a whole lot easier than fighting the whole system. It can be done but takes a ton more energy. There are times for both.

As I have been delving into the Cube of Space talk, I realized that I had at least half of it ass backwards. The books that I am using rely heavily on BOTA and GD symbolism. Which is fine, but I have problems with a system that cuts the Enochians completely out of the picture. Since working with the Tablets they have become intertwined in my universe in a most delightful way.

The parts that I had backwards where on the Hermetic Cross or the Rose Cross. I had always considered that the center was spinning and that the outer parts were manifestation that had stopped. As I dug deeper I realized that the center and hence the cube is really just potential energy.

It is potential and hence IT is stopped and the little white bit in the middle of the Rose Cross is really the axis mundi of a cosmic proportion. All of this is just waiting to blossom into manifestation.

Since the tarot and the cube are really about circles and rotation this will become the central focus of the talk.

The cube is primarily made up of the 3 alchemical, 7 planetary and 12 astrological symbols. Yet, they are in concentric circles to one another and all with POTENTIAL energy. As we start with the alchemical we have the 3 mother letters and the supernals - all of the building blocks of creation. Then we move to the double letters and the planets. We bend the tree so that the Universe is at once above the Abyss and creation as Saturn and then at the point of manifestation in Malkuth. And the snake eats it's tail... As we move out again the astrological signs are made up of stars far beyond the planets. We move out and then we move back in. The wheel turns and we create out Universe.

As the cube is created, it sits with cosmic potential just waiting to become motion. This is where the magickian comes in. Realizing how the universe is made allows us to apply the pressure in the right spot to bring things closer or farther away. We are our own microcosm and macrocosm. As above so below.

As we speak the good Frater is in the bedroom practicing his speech. He will know it inside and out by the time he gives it.

Next week I will physically construct the cube from PVC pipe, cards and twine. A few days before I will jot some notes on a few pages and make sure that I have my facts straight.

My goal in the talk will be to connect with each person there and have them come away with a little something to think about. So I will have my outline but I will be listening very closely for what my Hamster has to say. I do not wish to teach magick, I wish to train magickians in the tools at their disposal.

I have had enough theater and public speaking training to have it come off smoothly and only the good Frater and I will know how different our preparation methods really are :)

Well off to sleep. Peace to all.

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