Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tarot pursuits and focus - the magoclal mystery tour

This weekend, I attended the good Frater's tarot talk. As usual he did very well. The after conversations were splendid. The class contained some of my favorite magickal folks and it is always nice to be in their presence. No walls necessary just a comfortable sigh of home.

I had a chance to hang out with the man who started my OTO career and he is always fun just to hang out with. The stories and magickal bubbly bits always get my wheels turning.After that we went down south and I was privillaged to get to hang out with my mentors. They are great folks and they have the most amazing way of striking just the right note with the tuning fork to get me humming for quite a while.

The drives back are some of my favorite times. The good Frater and I have purged much of the extraneous noise from our lives. So the radio chattering away is just annoying on long trips. We bounce ideas off one another and try to piece together different pursuits most times. This was no different. Armed with new energy and focus there will be many changes coming in the upcoming year. There were many projects that were woven together along the way. Some of tarot and her mysteries, some of enochian pursuits and one of my own personal projects involving book binding will be worked on in the near future. The dark part of the year is shaping up to be a most productive look inward.

Stay posted for next weeks cube of space adventure. I suppose at some point I should write some of what I am going to say for an hour down on paper. Though I almost hate to ruin the surprise :)

Peace to all where ever you may be.

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