Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cube of Space talk

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This year at our local version of pagan pride day I will be making a public announcement of the beginnings of a Camp in formation of the OTO in our area. In conjunction with this I was going to do a talk on the cube of space. More specifically, I am going to build a 6 foot life size cube and run through the major arcana. It is a project I have wanted to work on for a while and this will give me a good chance to work through the process.

Ever since our Enochian workings I have been completely fascinated by the actual creation of the universe and my personal creation of my own universe.

Since the last few weeks have been so stressful, my body has thrown in the towel for me for a while and I will be down and fevery for a few days. The crisis is over and now that the adreniline rush is over - it is collapse time. This is not a bad thing, I do my best work slightly outside of my normal perspective. A good fever provides just that loosening of the mental constructs to be functional. I make some of my best connections this way.

I have been pondering and staring at the construction of the cube all day and gathering information. Most of the Cubes of Space use the Rider Waite decks, but I prefer the Thoth deck. I works with my paradigm and aligns better for me.

One of the things that I have been wrestling with all day is what type of information to include. A great deal of it is alchemical, hebrew gematria and other esoteric topics that most of the folks there have never heard of and really won't care about.

So I am thinking about taking the tact of walking through the creation of the cube like we would something more familiar like conception, life, birth and death cycles. Maybe something along the lines of a story that the majority of the folks there can follow. Perhaps I will sprinkle in the alchemical and other arcane references but not make them the focus.

I have determined that my goal is to put the tools in peoples hands and see what they want to create with them. Who am I to lay out the blue prints for anothers life?
They can then see what I created and walk around it. For those of us that are visual that may have a longer lasting effect than any utterance I can craft.

This should be an interesting journey...

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