Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have I mentioned how much I hate hospitals?

Sorry no clever picture tonight. My mind is to distracted and drained to do much of anything tonight. Except of course for my omnipresent physics. Ode to joy.

The last two weeks have been a nonstop roller coaster of hospitals and IVs. Some my own, several have been those close to me.

The most challenging has been my fathers triple bypass. My dad has always been Superman. He is never sick and always in great shape. This came as a total shock to the whole family and it has been an adventure. I am the responsible adult in the family and it takes it's toll. Luckily my baby sister has been a second rock of Gibralter and it has been much easier this way. I am so proud that she has finally grown up at 22.

I have always hated hospitals because of their astral goo. There are thought forms that feed on pain and suffering. These places are like an all you can eat buffet. I have spent the last 48 hours sleeping by his bed and taking care of him. Everytime I would get ready to leave his heart would get into a bad place or his blood pressure would do something funky. I finally just resigned myself to staying for completely selfish reasons. I would never forgive myself if something happened to him while either my sister or I were not with him.

I have spent most of my time there calming him down energetically and pushing a shield up and around him. I banished astrally about every hour on the hour to make sure that it was strong and functional. I had enough nervous energy that I could channel that I probably made a bubble for the whole floor.

I had been very specific with turtle and my Hamster not to let me project to get out of there ( it is sort of a childhood reflex). I did not project far but I was out and in our shield bubble. I looked over at my sleeping dad and saw squid like shadow creatures. I do not know any other way to describe them. They were feeding on a sort of green light emminating from my dads chest. I immediately did not like them at all. So much so that I produced a dagger on the astral and started to skewer these things. They were not pleased, but I skewered them and threw them outside of the shield. Eventually I got them all and ran the dagger over him to make sure that there was nothing I missed. He started to breath easier and I went back.

When we woke up this morning, he said that was the first night he has really slept in there. One of my natural talents has always been a form of sleep induced meditation for others. I figure go with what you know and build on it.

What I do is not fancy and it is not as Ceremonial as some folks. I work by instinct and constant conversations with my HGA. It is amazing how much juice you can muster when someone dear to you is in need of it. Love is the Law and it is also a powerful battery when tapped into.

Peace to all. Now to try to sleep.


fritz said...

I’m usually not one to comment on blogs, I much prefer reading and thinking about posts, but your recent post touched on a few personal points. First, my thoughts and well wishes are with you, your father and family, as much as anonymous person can wish them on the internet. My own father had a triple bypass when he was 59 years old- so young, and even with the knowledge that heart problems are the Achilles heel of the men in my family it was still a shock and surprise. The hardest moments were seeing my dad right after the surgery with the hospital equipment in him and the days after. That said, in a way, and I am in no way making light of the situation, it was perhaps the best thing to happen to my dad. Now seven years later he is a healthier and changed man for the better, and is happier with a new life. I am more thankful for my dad now, being older myself, that I can appreciate him man to man. I’m sure when your dad is better there will be that experience also…

Onto the other part of your post- astral forms and goo… My grandmother in law (is that even a term?) is in an assisted living home. I visit her but she is only there in body, not mind or even spirit at this point. Sadly, that time will pass sooner rather then later and the battle I am facing is what to do with her furniture. Silly right? She has a shared room in the home with furniture we purchased. My mother in law is insisting that when the time comes I take the furniture since good money was spent on it. I refuse and will continue to refuse for the simple reason that it has a psychic stink about it already from that place and why would I want to bring that into my home? Of course I can’t explain this to my MIL. I’m not gifted enough to see the stuff that I know exists in that place, but I can feel it and know that it is there.

My Gal said...


Thank you for your kind thoughts. I must say that the experience has been bonding in odd ways for my family. We will be stronger because of it.

As for the furniture you can clean stuff astrally. Though I think that the larger issue might be the memories that the furniture brings up. Those are not so easily cleaned. Perhaps you can talk to you mother in law about selling the furniture and donating the money in your grandmother in laws name to her favorite charity or using it to buy a bench plaque in her honor somewhere. That way you don't have to explain the astral goo and there is a positive memory at the end of that furniture. Just a thought.