Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun burns and admitting change

I don't get sun burned. I grew up on a ranch and my fathers family is Hungarian. I was 18 and in Hawaii when I got my first sun burn. In the last couple of years things have changed and I have not changed with it. Whether it is the liver and associated medications or just aging, I now get sunburns.

I had forgotten this fact or more specifically denied it this weekend. As I was trussed up like a Christmas turkey in the corset and general saloon girl outfit many parts of my body that are not used to sun got a great big shot of it. Everyone of my weekend sisters tried to get me to put on sun block or at least be reasonable. I would have none of it because I don't get sunburned.

At one point in my life that was true. I was a generally naked outdoor kid. I lived outdoors as much as possible and never had a problem. Now the universe has shifted without my consent. I have a Taurus ascendant and change does not come easily to me.

I have been miserable for two days. I am bright red and almost purple in places. I have had homeopathic burn gel on it for several days. I even consulted my personal aloe plant and got permission to "cut... but cut sparingly" a large bit. I have only ever had to use it on small alchemical burns and so it did not occur to me that I need to fillet it first. So now I have a lovely scratch on my right breast from a pokey park of the plant. OOOOOOOPS. Slight technical error. But don't worry I put aloe on it :)

It is finally starting to calm down but I am going to have to shift my paradigm. I do get sunburns and with any luck the next time something like this comes up, I will remember this lesson VIVIDLY.


The Scribbler said...

I think the only thing I can say to this is, "Jaj! Te Szegény!"

My Gal said...

Thank you for the sentiment. Yes Jaj (ouch) is definately the word. As for poor me, well it is a lessoned learned. Hopefully in many other areas too :) Be reasonable the world changes and change with it or it will hurt... a lot :)

Thank you again!

naufragiobella said...

IMHO the best stuff in the world is Solarcaine aloe with lidocane. I had a bad burn on my face once and applied it every 3 hours or so. It helped reduce the peeling and I swear by it.

Lavanah said...

This won't help with your current sunburn, but any future rodeo-type events, I have one word for you: HAT! A really really big hat, which would shade shoulders and chest would be entirely appropriate (and wonderful) for your costuming. I love hats. But then I am also a sunscreen 12 months of the year person.

My Gal said...

Sister hats are fabulous! I took millinary classes and have indeed MADE my own hats. Could I be bothered with such frivolity when I don't burn of course not!

It is however a wonderful suggestion. I use them when I garden all the time. Though I suspect it is more of my southern roots than practicality.