Monday, August 24, 2009

Clearing the garden and jumping through hoops

The above photo is a fairly close representation to my first computer. It was a TRS80 with a whopping 4K - yes K of memory. I was only 9 and I thought it was the coolest thing. My mother had just finished her computer science degree and she got it for me as a birthday gift. If you were really careful you could get it to spell out you name on the screen. Then it promptly ran out of memory.

In the last few weeks I have been jumping through a trememdous amount of hoops to get a project that requires a degree, that I had just never applied for, to complete. Seriously, the last hoop I think that they are setting on fire and getting a drumroll going. After a mountain of paperwork I am now required to take a small test on computer literacy. While I am no code monkey I can work a spreadsheet and a word document. To those who have aided magickally and mundanely, thank you all very much!

Last night I worked in the garden clearing away dead blossoms and clearing the way for new growth. I realized yesterday that I had not pruned adequently in the fall and spring. So I had very large plants, but not always to their advantage. I know that is it is a simple lesson but it struck me as quite profound. We prune to allow for new growth. Without that pruning we must grow around the nonfunctional old growth.

As magickian I contemplate how many things in my life have I been afraid to prune back? How many things have I just learned to grow around the bad spots and not realize that if I would just cut now, then by spring the growth will be twice as strong.

It is hard to prune. I a pisces with a Taurus ascendant, I like order even if it is chaotic order. I like my ways and I am very set in many of them. So I have become like so many of my plants, leggy with eradic growth. Sometimes it is quirky and I will be keeping those parts. Yet some of it is at my deteriment and those will have to go.

As I was cutting dead blossoms, I thanked them for their efforts and beauty. I will have to remember to do the same for those parts that I prune from myself.

I also finally wrapped the passion vine around one of the trees in the garden. It is a lovely effect and has completely confused "Fred" our local hummingbird. It is fun to watch him/her come up to the tree and just stare at it. Since it is right out of the living room window it is better than cable.

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