Friday, August 21, 2009

I blame the Enochians

This little baby is an Enochian throw pillow that can be found at Cafepress.

A while ago I did a post about the 10 things that I would not want in my house. This was on the list. I cannot imagine taking a nap on that baby. But I am sure that it would go nicely with the little Goetic Onsies someone else sells. A few select Goets and I are on speaking terms, I am still not putting their sigil on my infant. Yeah, just not happening.

So why I bring up the subject of the Enchocians is that HCOMA from the tablet of union has been particularly active in my universe as of late. The rest are present but she makes herself (for lack of a better term they are really WAY bigger than gender) known and felt.

Since our workings with the Enochians they have had a particular way of unfolding my universe. One of the most interesting topics has been working the images of universal creation ( I mean like home movies...) that they were showing me into my educational work. During part of this weeks lecture we got on to the topic of alchemists and where they got it wrong.

I was fascinated and amused all at the same time. From the scientific view point their error was in trying to chemically change lead into gold. It can only be done at very high temperatures and in a nuclear fusion reaction. Like that of a stellar nuclear reaction - say the Sun for instance.I heard the hamster point out ever so gently "Every man and woman is a star....".

That is precisely how I see the Work. We change OURSELVES through nuclear fusion. We strive for union with the Godhead with the Sun as our attainable guide. Along the way we are self subjected to intense heat and pressure. Then at some point you notice that enough of the reaction has occurred where you no longer recognize your former self. You have spiritually, alchemically and nuclearly changed. We are not an unchanging catalyst but a consumable and willing reactant.

The Enochians have a very strange sense of time, so I am sure that this lesson is not over any time soon.

Though I am curious why most people who do a lot of Enochian work tend to get appocalyptic type stuff and I am getting blueprints and asbuilts. Curiouser and curiouser.


Ananael Qaa said...

It's only tangentially related to the post, but regarding alchemists transforming other materials into gold I posted this on my blog awhile back.

The idea is that if you had some sort of radioactive material like radium you might be able to get enough energy out of it to transform a particular isotope of mercury into gold. I'm not a physicist so I'm not sure that it would really work, but it struck me as plausible enough to write about.

Jastiv said...

Hey, do they have Goetic pillows too? -seriously

Frater POS said...

OK sorry this is my gal I am just signed in as the good Frater....

At Ananael - Certainly we now have the technology to turn lead into gold. It is just not cost effective. You can create all sorts of things by irradating the crap out of them. Like Citrine. It is very hard to find the mineral Citrine because most of it on the market lately is irradiated quartz.

The problem is that you can do it, it is just cost prohibitive.

At Jastiv,

Those folks do have stuff, but there are others on cafepress that have the entire line of Goetic bits. Including the Onsies. Though it would have to be a very specicic decor to place Goetic throw pillows and Enchocian throw pillows on the couch :) But please tell me how it works out for you. I am all for experimentation. Other peoople's even better :)

Ananael Qaa said...

The reason that I wrote about synthesizing gold using something like a decent-sized piece of radium is because modern scientists talk a lot about how alchemists didn't know what they were doing, but what if they had a method that really worked using Renaissance technology? You would never be able to make large quantities of gold with it so the cost-effectiveness problems would have been the same as or worse than what we see today, but being able to do it at all in a time period without nuclear reactors strikes me as pretty amazing.

Also, let me add that whether or not there was a scientific process that produced real results has no bearing in my mind on the spiritual significance of alchemy. Hermetics didn't separate the spiritual and the scientific the way we do today and an effective scientific process would likely have been viewed as evidence for the effectiveness of an analagous process for spiritual development.

I'd use an Enochian throw pillow, though since I do Dee-style Enochian rather than Golden Dawn-style I think that the truncated pyramids are a pointless later elaboration of the system. If I ever decide to make one of my own I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

My Gal said...

I agree that the spiritual should manifest in the material. But I think that if we squint a little we can see that even if they were actually producing gold they were producing more Aristotelian gold. (Ruling class, learned nobles).

Ours is a very Dee style of working, complete with dyed hand carved wax tablets and hand painted tablets of practice. I am still going no where near the throw pillow :)