Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Work and alchemical union

The above is a picture taken this year of my rose of union. It is a white and red rose combined. Theoretically it is supposed to be alchemically significant and balanced. I will let you do the math.

So recently I got the official paperwork and go ahead to be the organizer for the Fresno Camp in Formation. Literally, the ink was not dry when the shit started to hit the fan. Oh the heady joys of forging a path....

As part of the life exploding joy, you are constantly reminded by your HGA that you have Work to do. I am starting to understand that a large part of the hierophantic task involves Working when you would really rather be doing ANYTHING else ( like licking your wounds and crying). Too bad, not part of the job title and really it is not even in the fine print. it is just sort of implied.

So I went to the local meetup because the Hamster kept reminding me that no matter what whining I would like to get on with, there was Work to be done. I went to stop by a local bookstore before going. I was looking for something completely different, but standing there in the occult section was a friend from high school that I had not seen in 20 years - holding Book 4. The Hamster simply reiterated "the Work is the Work". We chatted for an hour about magick and Crowley before I realized that I needed to get to the meetup. I invited him along and after a few coin flips it was determined to be the direction of the evening.

After we got to the meetup I realized that the Work was exactly what I was doing. I was supposed to light one more candle and keep it burning.

So while I have been quiet, I assure you a TON of personal work is being done.

Peace to all!


The Scribbler said...

"Literally, the ink was not dry when the shit started to hit the fan."

Which part was literal? The not-dry ink or the shit? ;-)

My Gal said...

Yes to both my friend. Yes to both.

There will be a collection of paper towels and windex used for this one.