Monday, July 20, 2009

To all of us fighting the good fight

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This song has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now. I have always been a huge Simon and Garfunkel fan. Many of my rites of passage have been completed with these artists in the background.

With the complications of late, I have not only run into a friend who was former professional boxer but realized that in many ways we are all "the Boxer". To be honest as soon as he told me he was a former boxer I internally wrote him off. We had been in some experimental programs at a magnet school together. He was brilliant and I could not understand why a man with that much academic talent could chose this path. After several hours of discussions, I realized that this was just his process and indeed he was probably one of the most peaceful souls I know. Trust me that was a hard perjudice for this peacenic to let go.

As part of my personal work lately I have been forced (yes I am a pisces and the word is FORCED) to confront many of my own personal demons. Often kicking and screaming, not like the composed magickian that we all strive to be. No not the Goetic kind of demons, the boys are pussycats compared to these. These are the sneaky kind, the kind that you thought that you had dealt with but instead they slid into a smoking jacket and sip brandy with you in the recesses of your mind. Insideous little beasts. Insideous little beasts that bring all of their unholy friends to the party.

The bitch of it is that just throwing them out of your living room only works for so long. At some point you have to stop dealing with the little bastards in the dark and shine a really big ass Tiphereth flashlight on them. I am finding that as I call them into the light of Kether through my understanding of Tiphereth they tend to scurry like cockroaches in a cheap college apartment. The trick will be to systematically shining the light on them each in their turn so that they cannot hide anymore. Hiding, scurring and burrowing deep into our subconcious is how these little bastards allude us for so long.

So much for waiting patiently, it is time to go hunting.

This should be an adventure. So if you ever come to my temple space and find that there are shadow boxes with an odd looking bug collection pined into them, know that I got at least a few of them :)

Peace to all and enjoy your universe.


Susanne Iles said...

I've not checked the ephemeris lately but the shadows and the cobwebs have become more visible to me as well. (a sister piscean) I've been forced to confront these bits instead of trying to hide them under frostings of glitter or shoving them back into the closet. Thank you for reminding me to grab a screw driver, take the hinges off the closet door and put on the gloves.

The Scribbler said...

I sometimes feel (speaking as another fishy one here) like such a dumbshit because I'm still messing with demons I should have nailed thirty years ago. Or is it just an illusion that other people seem so much braver about facing their issues than me?

OK. Hand me those gloves! No more farting around.

My Gal said...

To Susanne, oh yes sister we are inclined to dress up our little imps in glittery bits and hide them in the craft room. Eventually they break down our doors. The ingrates!

To the Scribbler, a good friend of mine who is not a magickian once told me "You know honey the problem is we compare everyone elses outsides to our insides. We always come out looking like we got the short end of the stick." They are powerful words and occasioanlly I need reminding of those.

So thank you both. I went hunting last night and I will post the pictures soon.