Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bug hunting with flare

The above pictures were from last nights bug hunt. This may not work for every magickian but I found it very functional for me. I found something that I had been carrying around since childhood. After I spoke with the person about it I decided that I no longer wanted to drag this thing around with me.

What came to me was the above idea. I got a piece of paper and wrote out the incident. I then wrote that I was done dragging around this thing that was not mine. I signed it with my sigil and wrote so mote it be. After that I ATTEMPTED to fold it into some sort of oragami bug. This part was most frustrating. After MANY MANY attempts I came up with an angel fish. That was close enough for what I was doing.

I had gone to the craft store and picked up a black photo box. On the outside I placed two clip on butterflies. They are to remind me that the most beautiful butterflies start off as the most humble and cosmetically challenged catepillars. It is only through hard Work that we remember that no matter what stage of metamorphis we are in, we are ALWAYS butterflies by birthright.

So after I finished my rather lumpy angel fish I took an iron corsage pin and shoved it through the middle. The iron will serve to short out any astral goo that is left and remove its residuals.

I rather like the effect. It reminds me of an entymologist who has mounted specimens for display.

Though quite honestly it is more of a theraputic form of the Work.

Not all of the Work must be mired in ugly, some may be elevated to Art :)

Though I may need a much bigger box....


Lavanah said...

What a beautiful way to work and commemorate a metamorphosis!

The Scribbler said...

You literally nailed it, eh?