Monday, June 29, 2009

LBRP and solar flares

The above is a picture of a solar flare. Since it is 108 today and tomorrow, it seemed appropriate.

This weekend I had the great privillage of stepping back through the LBRP with a dear friend. It was a privillage because I learned a ton about a ritual that has become second nature. After you have done it many times you lose a certain amount of the questioning spirit. Well this weekend, I found a new perspective... again...

I have sort of a strange relationship with the LBRP. It was the first CM thing that I saw and I fell in love with it. It was elegant in its design and incredibly functional. Since I was surrounded by GD folks at the time, that is who taught me. Over the years, I have returned the favor by teaching what was very patiently taught to me.

My friend reminds me of myself when I first started - in so many ways that it is almost scary to watch. I wanted to know everything about everything I was learning. I am a researcher by nature and so I was relentless and passionate. Things are still new and the "aha" moments are almost nonstop.

Yes, I admit it I was almost a bit jealous. Almost.... :)

When I first started the LBRP, I was surrounded by GD folks and so those that I asked had a particular GD flavor to their ritual work. It was their ritual after all, so they should know every single bit of minucia about it? Right? I literally asked dozens of people hundreds of VERY specific questions about it. I thought that after that I had found enough of the answers. Those answers that I did not find from others I just found by doing it ... over and over and over...

I had prepared for this weekend by dragging out a copy of Regardies Middle Pillar. I looked up all of the meanings to things that I thought might be sticking points and prayed to my HGA to get "me" out of the way of the Work.

When it came time to go over it in detail the sincere and honest questions were met with answers and quite a few sincere "hummm that is a damned good question... I had never thought of it that way...."

I now understanding why my mentors scrunched up their faces when I cornered them with my magickal motto / battle cry "Hey do you have a minute? I have a few questions..."

We all have a completely different set of experiences that allows us to approach the Work in a wide and varied way. Even something as road tested as the LBRP can bring up a ton of questions that I honestly never thought of. At the end of the day, I thanked my friend for letting me see this from a whole new perspective.

Life is such and interesting journey. Peace to all!

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