Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ponderings on Construction

As a child growing up on a ranch my father used to tell me:

"Child use your head not your back."

To bring this point home he would loan my summer labor out to the construction company he worked for. Not to mention all the general ranch free labor. It was meant to impress upon me to stay in school and not have to do that sort of hard labor to earn your living. He saw lots of kids see instant money now and forgo careers. At 16 $10 bucks an hour to "slam nails" (framing or roofing) seemed like great money.

The front room is in much better shape and can be admired now :) As a Pisces I need to have my work and then be able to oggle it a bit. Otherwise I just get upset :)

I can honestly say at the end of the tiling project, construction is a hard life. Don't get me wrong, I like having the skills to tear stuff apart if I so chose or create as I will. Day in and day out this would get old by Monday afternoon. Though I understand now why we were quoted $1300 just on the tile labor. This stuff sucks.

Though this project is more than just changing the kitchen and the tiles, it is about creating a process together. No one has lived until you are standing in your local big box paint/ flooring and tile departments discussing what goes in your space. You quickly realize what hills you are willing to die on and which arguements you should just let ride.

Last night it rained, then it hailed, then it really rained and then it got serious about raining. I love the rain but I was concerned about the plants I had put back there a few days before. Everyone seemed to weather it just fine and as a Druid you cannot be too miffed when mother nature does her thing. Well I guess you can, but it is rather pointless. She is going to do what she is going to do and we can fight her or just go with the flow. At this point I am all about watching the rain :)

The rain did create a few challenges to my plan. Carpet cleaning. With the glories of jackhammer dust the temple floor REALLY needed to be cleaned. It was sort of an appology to the spirits of the space. It feels lovely in there now, I just hope that we are not living in a terrarium with all of the moisture. Ce La Vie.

Well off to celebrate the Night of the First chapter in my spiffy clean new living room. All Hail Nuit!

Happy 3 Days to those that celebrate and happy whateveryouwant to those that do not!


Jow said...

Tile is one of the worst things ever home repair wise. I only know one person who "Doesn't mind it", and she is pushing 80, lived through the depression and WW2, and can probably beat me in a fair bare knuckle boxing match.

My Gal said...

Thank you for that lovely image. I know those women and they amuse me to no end. We had a neighbor out on the ranch that was like that. Sweet little old lady, but do not push her... She dug post holes by hand that it took several grown men to get in the ground. And she baked the best cookies!