Monday, April 13, 2009

Jason Millers Magickal Mystery Tour

The last week has been utter chaos, in the best possible ways. After the tile ordeal, Jason Miller was coming for a marathon series of talks. I had only met Jason through a few online group type discussions. It is hard to tell who and what you are in for when you meet them. The fact that the house is in midremodel mode just really did not help my anxiety levels.

At 9:30 on Friday night we walked into our local airport and waited for the plane to arrive. Upon seeing him I knew it was going to be a fantastic weekend. He just freaking glows in the best possible ways. Which is not easy to do after being on a cross country flight. I mean seriously have you flown recently? It gives you sympathy for sardines.

Saturday morning came way too early after a night of chatting. We headed down to see the Witchdoctor and the Papa Goddess for breakfast and it was glorious as always. It was great to sit and chat, I love those guys.

The first talk was at the Crystal Barn in Visalia on Protection and Reversal Magick. They are a great shop, with all sorts of interesting tidbits tucked into very innocuously arranged areas. I have been known to find datura and asophedita tucked in with celery seeds and sage. The sage pays the bills but man do I appreciate the rest of the more interesting stuff :)

The talk was absolutely wonderful. If you get a chance to see Jason in action do it! You will totally thank yourself and whatever sacrifices you had to be make will seem trivial in years to come. The practical hands on sort of street magick combined with the different view point really had me pondering my universe. I will so be stealing some of those ideas. I hated to be the heavy but we had to zoom out of there to make talks back up in Fresno.

After a brief stop to satisfy a epicurian question about In and Out Burger, we were making good time. When we arrived back at the house, people were already waiting. Our group turned out to be smaller than anticipated through a series of odd events. I have always held to the rather naive theory that sometimes the universe gets squarely in your way from hearing a message and sometimes you get in your own damned way. Either way the second talk was even better than the first. This was getting good!

After two talks and a cross country flight I have no idea where the man had the energy to stay up and chat more, but he did. Maybe he was just being polite as the good Frater ALWAYS has a few questions... After we all fell into our beds around 1 I was dead to the world.

I awoke the next morning to the most peaceful meditative sounds. I have no idea of the words but the energy was peaceful and clean. I could have slept for 10,000 years but I suspected that the rest of the world was hungry. I begrudgingly got up, but I was not happy about it.

The talks just kept getting better and better. I was amazed and saddened when they were over. They were all wonderful and different. The information presented was well thought out and useful. I love his approach to the problems. It was not a one trick pony (here do this and be done) but a larger assessment of the problem and then practical field and temple magick. Truly great stuff.

When we got him back on the plane a few hours ago, I was honestly sad to see him leave. He is great man and I look forward to seeing him again when the next book comes out.

I am however fried and still need to do homework. I do not see it as a very functional option.

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