Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Monkey

Anyone who has had kids, has raised kids or been exposed to them will understand the magickal act that the art and science of raising another human being entails. The rest of my work pales in comparisson or complexity.

Today is my munchkins 16th birthday. I do not talk much about him here, because our kids are very private matters. To say that I am protective of him is really not even touching it :) Yes, I am generally a fairly gentle bake you cookies kind of soul, but messing with him has shown a few souls a WHOLE other side to me.

When he was little he aquired the nickname Monkey. So the above is my ode to him.

Honestly I am amazed that the baby boy is that old. I swear that just yesterday he was padding around in footie pajamas completely enamored with his barking dog slippers (mom I STILL owe you for those!) Today as I sang to him as I always do on his birthday, he was enamored with driving. I tried to remain calm and breath through the moment. We made plans for sushi as he has been my only male date for sushi since he was 4. I passed on my love of the raw fish.

When he was quite little we were involved in community theatre. All of his babysitters were actresses in need of steady employment. They were all beautiful and talented young women. Needless to say this little Aries has no fear of beautiful women. Perhaps a little awkward would be good. Just for my sake? Alas it is too late for that.

He knows what we do. He has his own Thoth and Rider Waite decks. At some point I expect that he will get serious about this. Or not. It is his choice. He knows who to ask as he has grown up with lots of magickal folks in his life.

I was pleased that despite how old or big he gets, he still tells me "I love you". Getting an I love you out of a teenager, now that is at least a partial accomplishment of the Great Work. So mote it be!

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