Friday, April 17, 2009

My magickal ways part I

The above is last years garden, this years is even larger. When I get time I will be posting more pictures.

Last weekend Jason gave several talks on a multitude of subjects. One of the first ones talked about the magickal link. I laughed because at the time he was sleeping in our bed, next to my altar ( and in for some things), next to our laundry hamper and showering in our shower. If he wanted any sort of magickal links we were both doomed. I am sure that he caught my look of recognition. Then I thought "so what?"

Seriously, why would he need it? As a friend if you need something - ask. Chances are good that I will give it to you anyway. If you REALLY need it, I will move heaven and Earth to get it. I have no lasting fears that I am high enough on any ones radar for them to need such a thing.

Sam Webster has a theory that we should all carry swords. He believes that it would improve our interpersonal communication skills. I think that as magickians, we do all carry swords. Everyone of us is perfectly capable of smacking someone else around magickally. Yet like Samurai warriors, he who strikes first is usually dead. For every strike there is a counterstrike. For every spell there is a reversal. When there are a group of people you run less risk of getting everyone at once :) I can assure you that if I fell over one of the first things my siblings would do was check...

Don't get me wrong, I have used magick as a disappearing act and also used those magickal links. Long before I had ever heard of Jason, I had reason to be concerned about a local crazy. She was not trained in anything, but crazy has it's own form of mojo. I had a link that she had given me and I did what I needed to do to fall off of radar. She immediately moved on to someone else as the target. I assure you, I am not at all concerned about the ethics there.

More on my form of Western Jacuzzi Meditation and why that will never make it into famous print in the next post. For now pizza is here :) Enjoy your universe my fellow travellers.

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