Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Magickal Ways - Part II

This is a picture of last years red roses at this time. This years are about twice that size. Amazing stuff this whole gardening bit.

As part of Jasons talks he spoke about meditation as a central practice. He also talked about giving energy back to the local spirits. I do both daily, but not in a way that is going to make into any sort of functional book :)

I am a rather unceremonial Thelemite. I am not a particular fan of Resh or the Star Ruby, it is not that I have not done them, they just do not speak to my soul. I went through a six month phase of doing an LBRP and a MP twice daily early on. I decided during that phase that I would do them NO MATTER WHAT. This is like a universal challenge to your resolve. About that same time I decided that the spheres for the MPs should be perfectly formed in my head before I placed them gently into their places. The effect was remarkable - almost instant nose bleeds. It is very hard to vibrate and gurgle. Though for two weeks, I did so and cleaned the blood off of the hardwood floors later. I started to be practical and consecrate whatever needed to be consecrated with blood during this time. As I finished the last rune and asked my mentor about it, the nose bleeds stopped.

My form of meditation is to submerge myself as deep as I can in the deeper well of the jacuzzi and just breath. I call it hippoing. I even have hippo Birkenstocks to remind me to breath :) If you have ever seen the hippos at the zoo up to their very tiny cute ears - it is the same principal. As I do slide into the jacuzzi, I visualize the universe unhooking its barbs. You know the barbs, all of the nasty crap that we just feel obliged to drag along with us like rolling luggage? Those barbs. My jacuzzi is set to 100 degrees which would make the whole process just about womblike. It has the effect of reseting the universe a bit. Sometimes if I am feeling particularly wild I will do an LBRP or MP in the water in my astral temple. Many folks will tell you that you cannot do that in water, to them I say " I can and do." To everyone else I say "try it" if it works for you great if not oh well. As a Pisces I may have a different vibratory relationship with water than the rest of the signs. Who knows?

As for the energy offerings to the local spirits, that is done daily also (or as close to daily as I can get). A while ago I learned that you can dump all sorts of energy into the garden and Mother Earth can spin that around purify it up and make glorious plants out of it. This was particularly useful in working on keeping me from redamaging my healing liver. All of the toxic energy of pain and goo had to go somewhere. At first I found it rather rude to dump such things in the garden, but the Earth Spirits around and I had a chat. They explained that they will take what they can get and reform it. Just add water and they can do ALL sorts of things.

When I moved in with the good Frater, the backyard was a wasteland where even weeds did not want to grow. There were several large trees that were the saving grace of the area. Under those trees giant clover would pop up in the winter and stay until early spring. Then it was right back to wasteland. The soil out here is clay, clay and more clay. To the point where you can form pinch pots when you dig a hole. All plants required that you dig out a much larger hole and backfill it with potting soil and worm castings before anything would grow.

This years garden is starting to feel much more cottage(y). I like that part. The plants are very close together and quite overgrown. This keeps weeds choked out and that is GREAT in book. Since I am the drip irrigation, we have a very symbiotic relationship. I water and graze through the garden every morning. It works for me. It will not, however, make it into any sort of cool and spiffy book :)

Speaking of watering, it is supposed to be in the mid 90's today so I am going out early to make sure no one is thirsty. Enjoy your universe!

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Gordon_Finn said...

>>They explained that they will take what they can get and reform it. Just add water and they can do ALL sorts of things.

I've had a similar experience. We have a garden that was tough to grow things out of, but a couple years ago, BAM. It became overgrown and lush and everything all of a sudden. I also did it to get rid of a bunch of poison ivy. I've still got some left, but it's a gonner.