Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Temple cleaning and Enochian moments of Zen

The good Frater has been a bit out of sorts lately. I suspected that it had more than a little to do with the construction taking place literally right next to his temple. While I did what I could to protect the space, a jackhammer is not a fine tool.

Today I asked permission to enter and clean the space. While we live together and occasionally work together, our spaces are distinctly our own. It honestly felt weird being in there without him. I explained to the collective spirits present what my intent was and I "heard" an almost audible sigh of relief.

The Enochian temple had been moved but was essentially intact during the whole process. It was not as covered as I would have expected but I painstakingly took down and cleaned every inch of the temple space I could reach. As I did there was a lighter feeling to the room. After I had dusted, vacuumed, cleaned, polished, lit frankisence and scrubbed the floor boards it started to feel like the temple again.

I was reminded of a Crowley quote that I will paraphrase as "Cleanliness is next to Godliness and it better come FIRST!"

As I was placing the ensigns of creation back on the holy table, I realized that there is an inner heptagram that points to each of the places of the planets. Befpre that it just seemed like a big jumble as to why they were aligned in such a manner. Don't get me wrong I painstakingly aligned them every time, I just had no idea why :) At a later time I will have to go back and study that sequence in more depth to see why that ring was chosen as the connecting point between the hexagram and the heptagram. Oh great mysteries of mysteries.

Since tomorrow in a Holy Day I will definately be continuing on my cleaning process. Ode to joy!


Caicher said...

A happy Ra Hoor Khuit to you and yours m'amm.

My Gal said...


Thank you Brother same to you! I hope that you are celebrating in style and grace. May the wines flow! All Hail Nuit!