Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sex Magick Part III

One of the things that I have noticed is that sex magickians come in two big general forms. The first are the fabulous chaos mages living in their moms basement reading everything they can on the subject but terrified to do much more than pontificate on the finer points of a dusty tome. They are like attack chihuahuas and I always hope that they grow out of it. The other set is whole lot more quiet about the process, but they practice. You get all sorts of weird responses and just plain strange offers, when you announce this particular vocation to the world. As a woman, even more so. So I am not all that shocked that many people chose to be quiet on this subject.

I suspect that I pursued this path, besides the smart ass comment, because it is how I sense energy and it was the only thing that moved anywhere near the energy that my mentor did. He had been doing this 20 years and I could not for the life of me figure out what I could not duplicate that same level of energy after doing 3 whole middle pillars. Yes, I have figured out the technical flaw in my plan there :) Though the sensing energy as sexual energy had it's own share of complications. That however is another post, maybe.

When I first went looking for information on the subject really I did not find a whole lot. There were a few books and a whole lot of "good luck and happy hunting." Kraigs Modern Sex Magick proved the most useful at the time as it provided a general framework. Though the process really took off when I found Frater UDs Practical Sigil Magick. One of these days I will pony up the money to get another copy. A great deal of it is working with Spare's work and he definitely had a way about him.

One of the techniques that I had learned the hard way over the years is to clarify your statement of intent. Yes it sounds simple but really it is not. First you need to do a little or lot of reliable divination. What will be the outcome of your Work? Pay attention to this part. We tend to get blinded by our wants and pull in all sorts of short term joy for long term pain. Yes, sometimes that is the lesson but it still sucks.

If you lack the ability to do any form of divination, you need to take a step back and learn one. This is not to say that it will take 20 years of learning at the feet of the masters. I have a coin that this more effective than anything else I have. It took about 2 hours of working with it to get a very functional system. I push this part probably too hard because I was too lazy to do it for the first few goes at it:) I learned the hard way on that one.

The next thing is that you have to make sure that you have room in your life to manifest whatever it is that you are trying to bring down from the formative world. Note: my paradigm functions as if energy is directed towards the astral formed there and then spun back down into manifestation. If you already have something in the place of what you want it will tend to manifest over one another and cause all sorts of explosions until they fit together.

Here is my rather simple technique for making sigils. Play with it as your results will vibrate on different levels and other things will float your boat. First I write out a sentence removing all of the don'ts and nos. Only a positive statement of intent. You are bringing this into your life not keeping something out. ( If you are working to keep something out that is a different technique.) Once you have that statement simplified, MAKE SURE IT IS WHAT YOU WANT and MAKE SURE IT HAS A CLEAR CHANNEL TO MANIFEST. Yes, I know that this sounds simple but I screwed this up a lot in the beginning. The first sigil working I asked to the universe to help me lose 15 pounds. It obliged me by blowing up my liver and making me deathly ill for a time. At the end of it, I laughed to have found that indeed I had lost exactly... 15 pounds. Be clear about healthy routes. Do not let the universe find the easiest route, you will rarely like it. Much like electricity and water, it will take the easy paths first, unless you specify others.

Next take the first, or second or last letter from every word in the sentence and combine them into one solid picture. The point here is that you will still know what your statement was, you are just getting it into a jumbled enough form that you are not reading it. Just start playing with it until it feels right. Once you have combined them then make it complicated enough that you can purge the image out of your head latter. I have a photographic memory and I made them too simple in the beginning. I would charge them and then the image would reappear fully formed in my minds eye and backfeed. It felt like someone was sticking a red hot ice pick in my eye. Not a pleasant experience. Eventually I learned to place a unicursal hexagram between me and the sigil when that happens. It broke the links but not before all sorts of ice pick to the eye moments. If you are an artist or have those sorts of memeory issues, make them much more complicated with squiggles, doodles or whatever it is that you have to do.

Lots of folks will tell you that having to forget about the sigil is silly. That is peachy for them, but for me the damned thing backfeeds and hurts. So I work very hard to make sure that I cannot just pull it up. Now most people will not have those memory issues. You may not need to get that fancy, just work with it and it will work itself out.

As for Frater UDs book and the Alphabet of Desire, Spares created and charged a whole bunch of specialized sigils. They are preprogrammed and then energized through lots of folks working through them later. One of these days, I will have to rework that system. At the time I was just starting out and they were like plugging myself into an outlet. It was cool for a minute but it was problematic to say the least.

Another thing to keep in mind for the sigils is what their intended method is destruction will be or if it is going to be saved for later charging. One of my ongoing works is to get chocolate sex magick sigils that will not melt during use :) It could be God eatting at it's finest and whole lot tastier than ANY version of communion waffer :)

If I am going to burn mine then good old fashioned paper works just peachy. I have used vellum, parchment and even leather, it is just harder to burn. While it is cool to have a specific pen, the thrice holy and thrice consecrated Sharpie from the craft bin works just spiffy. I assure you!

Well off to chemistry more on the actual meat of raising and circulating the energy later.


Frater BH said...

Very nice little series of posts. I wish I could say I taught you everything you know but I can't.

My Gal said...

Well it wasn't like you were not there. You got a birds eye view of the whole process. Complete with popcorn for the explosions. If you are game there is always walking back through the alphabet of desire. It might be an interesting process to say the least :)