Friday, March 6, 2009

Sex Magick Part IIII - The laser beam effect

A few words here about the why of the process. Any method of raising energy and shoving it into a talisman or sigil will work. Sex magick just happens to have a few very effective things on it's side.

1. It taps into the most primal parts of our creation drive. This can be very useful for bringing things QUICKLY into your universe. Humans have been sucessfully doing this for millions of years. It is a drive that we can tap into and get the added bennifit of that inertia.

2. Because it is a primal and almost automatic sort of drive, you eliminate a great deal of the wobble that you get when you first doing energy raising. I have done lots and lots of middle pillars and a good one comes CLOSE to the amount that I can raise on a bad day with sex magick.

3. When you raise the energy and focusing your intention on the sigil NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in the rest of the world exists. For me, I don't have to worry about clearing my mind, there is not room for anything else in there. The energy is focused and moves like a laser into the sigil. There are no fuzzy edges. There is no energy dispersement. Just smack - pop. Done.

Now to recap since we are still working on the solo model, here's what we have. One set of clear statements of intent and divinations. One (or many depending on your technique) sigils made with any variety of techniques.

From here I take a shower or bath. I am lucky enough to have a garden with hyssop that I grow. I cut some and make a sort of giant teabag with a coffee filter and string. I use that to wash with or any other number of herbs find appropriate to the working. I know that the hyssop it is a carry over from the Keys but I am only concerned about results here. I do not stand too much on ceremony.

After I am bathed, I banish the area. Then I tie or somehow attach my sigil to a convient place on my bed. Our bed is a handmade scrollwork design, so it allows for many ootions. I then proceed to raise the energy in any way that strikes my fancy. Just before the moment of orgasm ( and this is the hard part) I throw my eyes open and focus energy and vision on the sigil. After I am done, I relax for a minute and then banish.

If I am intending for this to be a one time working and I will be destroying the sigil, I do so immediately. If not I prepare it to be worn, or otherwise kept in an appropriate manner. The only caveat to this is if you are going a form of God eatting. If you have charged a chocolate sigil ( yes I have done that) then you consume it BEFORE you banish.

Then go on with your day, with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Off I go to garden. More later :)


Ananael Qaa said...

Have you ever tried this method in conjuction with the Star Ruby and Star Sapphire? I find that the Star Sapphire is particularly effective for sex magick workings and I think it's pretty clear from the commentary in The Book of Lies that Crowley intended it to be such.

My Gal said...

No my friend, I have not. I know that sounds odd coming from a Thelemite, but it is the truth. When I started doing this I was not involved in Thelema and so I just worked on the GD version of the LBRP. Being a creature of habit, I just continued. I will have to try that. Thank you for the suggestions!

Ananael Qaa said...

I know that sounds odd coming from a Thelemite, but it is the truth.

It's not really that odd. I was involved in OTO for years before I did much work with the Star Sapphire. Once I spent some time working with it, though, I was very impressed with its effectiveness for sex magick.

You can use it in conjuction with the sigil method that you talk about here. You do the Star Ruby followed by the Star Sapphire up to the point where you "make the rosy cross," which is your sex magick operation. You then conclude the Star Sapphire and finish up with a final Star Ruby to banish.

It adds an additional step to your ritual structure, but I've found that it really improves my results and is well worth it.