Saturday, February 7, 2009

Radio Silence

So it has been an interesting week to say the least. I am on a borrowed computer (thanks Sis and Dad) and we are looking to get another one. My process of girl aura has been good and a great experience.

Somewhere in this process, I decided that I should redo a bit of my Mercury Talisman work. I did a smaller version of the chocolate sigil bit and got great images of the a cosmic spinning energy black hole and white funnel. It was really quite beautiful.

The next day at work though it started. First my computer when kurplunk. Then I moved to another computer and I got the scanner AND that computer. Then I moved to the copier and blew that up. Finally I was at my third computer when it locked up and realized... hummm "Houston we have a problem." (For those not old enough to remember these lines from the first few space missions, they were vast understatement on epic scales.) I started to see if indeed it was me and some sort of residual energy buzz. I put up a "shield" and the computer started to work. Damm. I went to each of the others and shielded those. Everything came back except for my own work computer. When I got in the car to go home, the battery lit up like a carnival and I immediately went to shield again. So far so good.

Then I get home. I am staying away from the computer and then think... "oh this is silly." I go into to start on my on line homework and the whole system blinks and shuts down. I screamed and the good Frater came rushing in. He always looks at me when these sort of things happen, like "I know this works but how do you do that?" I explained that if I knew I would stop it. I shielded again and the computer just chugged along nicely. Then I went to bed and the wheels fell off. Something hit the computer and though a series of events that I do not understand, it is dead. Not a little dead but really dead. Shit.

So we went looking for computers today and found some interesting options. In the meantime my Dad let me borrow one of his (actually my sisters) and we are slowly back in business. It is clunky but functional. Just barely.

Energy has always moved around me in odd manners. When those magnetic hemmitite anklets were all the rage a few years I had one. It never lasted on my body because the second I was excited over anything, it demagnetized and fell off. I guess I am my own atomic bomb. Fabulous.

Strange days indeed. Off to eek out the homework.


j-daddy said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Hail Jim!

My Gal said...

I have been listening to the Doors for a month. I blame you!

Hail Jim!