Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fixing a Hole and Pantheacon

So tonights blog is brought to you by the new spiffy computer. It has a fantastically wild blue glow. Oh yeah, it is totally spiffy. The good Frater has great taste in all things so the new one has all sorts of bells and whistles... or so I think... I really have no idea :)

In keeping with my previous resolution, I have been recycling things until they are just completely used up. For instance I fixed my garden hose. It had a run in with my gloriously huge aloe shrub ( it is soooo much bigger than a plant) and lost in a most spectacular manner. I went down to OSH and after 2 trips and $3 dollars, I was able to fix the leaks. Besides the pokey holes there was nothing wrong with the two year old hose. It works perfectly now and I must admit I am OVERLY pleased with my efforts.

Tonight is all about packing for Pantheacon. My Taurus side just jumps into high gear and the Pisces just packs EVERYTHING. Silk dress for Morrision, CHECK.... Belly Dancing outfit(s), CHECK... enough of everything for every contingency, CHECK. Despite my overpacking I KNOW I will forget something. Oh well :)

Well I better give the good Frater the computer back, he is working on his speach and just pacing behind me a bit :)

More later!


Lavanah said...

I pack that way, too. And, if allowed, a separate bag (similar size) for shoes.
If you get another hose with leaks, try burying it under mulch and use it as a soaker hose for root watering.
I really wish I could go to Pantheacon...(must find my bellydancing apparel)

Suecae Sounds said...

Repairing stuff when you can is the eco-sensitive way to go. You kind of learn to appreciate things around you when you learn to take care of them properly. :)