Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pantheacon Part 1

Pantheacon this year was an absolutely freaking great time. Hands down and across the board! I love the folks that I meet up with every year from across the county and often in my own back yard.

This year we shook it up and went up the day before. Oh hell yes that is worth the extra money. It cuts the chaos factor by at least 1000%. We got up there and all checked in early and were already functional by the time it started.

Years ago I learned that you are not really cheating yourself by not going to ABSOLUTELY every time slot. In fact they have too many time slots. It starts at 9 am and the 11 PM time slot means it lets out at 1 am. Do the math. That does not leave enough time for the all mighty sleep. We all know how I get when I am tired. It is just not pretty to watch. So I picked more wisely this year.

Here were my con highlights chronogical order, not order of love!

1. Morrison Ritual with Jason Mankey. This is what gets me going back every year. It is just an awesome experience. Jason does an incredible job of putting this together and it also is just the best time EVER. It also smacks into enough of my issues about being in a large room full of drunks, to qualify as Work :) Having bad experiences replaced by great ones is my version of immersion therapy. Thanks Jason you are the best at what you do! Hail Jim brother Hail Jim.

2. Rope Magick with Lee Harrington. The class was just a fiber magick glorious experience. The best part though was Lee. After the class we all met up in the restaurant and chatted. He is one of the most amazing souls I have ever had the privilage to meet. If you EVER get chance to go to anything he is putting on - go. Just go. If he is reading the phone book - go just go. Trust me on this one, you will be better for it. He is an old soul with 100 lifetimes of wisdom and I was sad to have only had a few hours to take it in. When his tarot deck comes out, I will be the first in line to buy it.

3. Tantric breathing workshop. This just was awesome. I had amazing experiences and just really wanted to hang out in that state for a few centuries. The God Pan showing up in the middle was just kind of an added bonus. These guys were amazing.

4. Lon Milo Duquette. I reached roadie status this year. Every great magickian and musician needs a roadie who is willing to flash a bartender for better drinks. I am always glad to be of service. I love Lon dearly and was honored to carry his amp :) If I had thought about it more I would have dressed up in the belly dancing outfit to slip him his room key. Now there are some good rumors :)

5. Prayer Beading with Clare Vaugh. This was a simply delicious combination of druidry and beading. It hit all the right spots for me. I now have about 200 projects that I want to work on.

6. OSODG and What is Evil. This was all about confronting my shadow self and I just know that these pages will be filled to the brim with those tales for years to come.

For now I am EXHAUSTED and just plain soul tired. Off to bed and more later.

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