Sunday, January 4, 2009

The proof is in the Work

A few of my near and dear friends have been stepping off into the interesting and often confusing world of the Enochians. Lately we have been having a great deal of fun, though it appears a like great mental masterbation, with contemplating their natures. It seems to be a raging debate as to whether they are Earth elementals, sublunar or what. They are not, however, servitors. If you work with them you will understand. Big big forces.

I propose my own theory.

I have been the only one to get great big cosmic creation images. I am also the only Water sign amoungst male Earth and Fire signs. As the sole ovary representative I am not at all shocked that we are getting different stuff :)

It is my opinion (which could change 5 minutes from now) that the Enochians can only use the tools that WE the magickian have at our disposal. Hence, we are terrestrial beings (some more than others :)) and they come to us in forces that we can externalize. I have a geeky physics and now engineering background, so I am getting blue prints. Others are getting the same messages in the language that they most easily understand. All of us are getting healing messages in our own particular ways. As a parent, there is nothing we would not do for our little ones. I am not surprised that the highest priority for my Taurus brother is healing his little ones. Nope not surprised at all. I am not surprised that my good Frater is concerned with healing those around him. He has done so for me on many occasions. I am surprised that my direction has been internal and not external. It is truly not like me. So far none of us have decided that we are the next incarnation of (insert prophet of your choice here) and none have decided that the world is ending in a appocolyptic crisis. Not bad for the first few weeks :)

As for the cleaning and rearranging binges around the house. I actually like it a lot. Seriously, what woman complains when her significant other is cleaning closets? Helllloooo??? I have found myself muttering "and the Will of the magickian was acheived... " on several occasions. Not having things leap from closets at your noggin has advantages. Self preserving sorts of advantages. We also have found ALL sorts of stuff that we had in closets that we had completely forgot we had. Seriously it is like Christmas all over again.

Off to work in the craft room. Trust me that one needs it.


Jason Miller, said...

Just to be clear, I think the work that you guys are doing is great. I don't expect my findings to jive with everyone else's and I plan to revisit it at a later date with some different expectations.

They are indeed big forces to be sure. Just not sure of their agenda. I will continue to read everyones findings with great interest.

My Gal said...

Dude you made it through the system with books that just spin my head. Seriously, Enochian Sex Magick was my FIRST magick book. I think I have gotten to page 3. I could not for love nor money make heads or tails of it. Still I would be hard pressed, seriously! My hat is off to you my friend.

A good heaping helping of skeptism is a GREAT quality to keep about you at all times with the Work. Otherwise you end up on the slippery slopes of the next messiah land.

I would actually be sure we were all being bullshitted if everything lined up. I am hoping that eventually we can identify general commonalities, but I am not really holding my breath. It reminds me of the old story of the 3 blind wise men who grab different parts of a bull and try to identify what they have. I suspect that in the end all of our scopes will be too microcosmic to get the whole picture :) I just hope I don't get all of the hooves :)

Persephone said...

Your SO is re-organizing the closets???

I have an ongoing closet problem. I can do a lot of funky magick tricks, but organizing the closets... not so much.

Love your work, and love your blog!


Rufus Opus said...

I have no doubt we're working with the same set of entities. My urge to know what "Sphere" they belong to is based on having spent too long on the bus to get off at an exit that wasn't my destination. Been there, done that, and didn't keep the shirt to remind me.

If they are "terrestrial" spirits, that doesn't mean they aren't useful. It just clarifies to me what their purpose is in my own magical pursuits.

Regarding them showing you images of the Big Bang and such... What "Sphere" is the planet Mars in? Like the Red Planet that we've sent rovers to investigate? Is the dispersion of physical matter throughout the universe to be seen as a vision of super-celestial origination?

My Gal said...

Persephone - Yes he is reorganizing closets and cleaning them out. Now do you understand why I don't want anyone discouraging these efforts???? If nothing else I am amazed at how much "stuff" we are finding.

Thank you for the kind words!

My Gal said...

RO - I suspect that we just have different parts of the same animal. For me the macrocosm is the microcosm just farther away. I am a big fan of the cosmic filing cabinet we affectionately call the Tree of Life. So Mars would be in the sphere of Gebereh. More importantly when you lay on your back outside in the summer, you can hear the music of the spheres. I have no idea which tone in the symphony is Martial but I know it is in there somewhere.