Saturday, January 3, 2009

AONT and the Water Storm

I love water. I am a Pisces and I have spent my entire adult life in the field of water and water treatment. Did I mention that I love water?

So last night as it was storming away, I got a prompt to call AONT ( the water vertical elemental from the tablet of Union) with HCOMA. I did a little divination which made the good Frater a bit nervous ( I checked my magick online 8 ball sources) to which he suggested that I "just get a coin!" The irony of that whole statement was not lost upon me. The magick 8 ball was not scientific enough, but the coin has empirical proof. The coin confirmed the magick 8 ball readings and I was highly amused. Somewhere in the distance I heard the words of Douglas Addams "Everything is an oracle if you just ask the right question."

We openned as usual and then called AONT and HCOMA in alternate calls. I immediatley got a flash of two light blue rings that were interlocked. I got a single voice, a female voice and a distinct presence. The image them switched to a solid geometric series of crystals, all in the that same light blue. The words "Merkevah solids" popped into my head (vaguely I remember something about the 13th century Qabalistic bits meaning chariot). I asked what her nature was and got an image of a rushing river and a word "transportation." It was that she was the force that allowed water to carry things away. At least this was her purpose in my world. I also asked for her form and got an image of an incredibly beautiful womans face in white shimmering light. She was the moon Goddess but I just could not make out all of her stunning features. While I cannot tell you exactly what she looked like the image or impression of the image is burned in my minds eye.

Also I got images of firey dancing water. I asked what that was and she explained that she is always VERY busy during the storms and that this was her firey form. I got the song about how many angels dance on the head of a pin in my head again. Who knew they were music fans?

I asked about the rose oil that we annointed ourselves with and she said that she did not care, but that it was important to me. That particular bottle was hand carried back from Bulgaria 16 years ago. It is a hodgepodge of incredibly wonderful and horrible memories. That bottle saw my trip "home" the Russe and some of my time in Yugoslavia. The whole thing is inseperable for me. The glorious and the hedious are all rolled into one ball. The whole reason that I bought that bottle was that roses were my memory link to my maternal grandmother who had died a few years before. She grew the most glorious roses I have and had ever seen. AONT explained to me that she could help me with my liver issues. The problem was that I was hanging on to the good with the bad and I had to learn to let the bad go and not store it. I had to let the water transport it away. I asked how I did that and she said "just give it to me." So I did. I visualized reaching into my liver and handing her the crap I had been storing. "Now you have to let it go." She said. Again I asked how I did that and she handed me a large silver knife. She instructed me to "cut the ties" which I immediately did. I felt a slight void where the energy had been. She kissed my forehead and downloaded a great deal of energy in through my third eye. It made me shake, but in a good tantric sort of way :) At the same time my eyes popped open and the good Frater was just staring at me. I am sure that I had quite a smile on my face.

I will have to be careful not to get too comfortable here. Water is my home but there are more elements to explore.

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