Friday, January 2, 2009

Contemplation of the Enochians

Last night over dinner, the good Frater commented that I did not seem to be interested in the Enochians. My blog he stated was very much just the facts. I did not have my characteristic sense of "wheeeee" infusing the space. It is because I am thinking. Occasionally, I attempt to think first and then speak. It doesn't happen often, so do not worry that this will become a habit.

While cleaning yesterday I found the ORIGINAL Lon handmade rings, table and SDA from Pantheacon. I was highly amused at that. All of the information is there. The rings are a lovely blue construction paper. It made me giggle. I had very fond memories of skrying Tex with 300 of my closest friends (well at least physically at the time.)I will have to have some sort of magickal pressing book for the original tools :)

As of late the good Frater and RO have been taken back by the potent powers to heal the world. I on the other hand have been stuck in quiet contemplation. I feel as if I am playing with Gods tinker toys. It is to say the least overwhelming. I suspect that the healing drive is somewhere in the system because I have had it too, just on a microscopic level. While I hope that we can all heal the world, first I must heal myself. Until I do that, I am in no shape to help heal anyone. So far the last couple of weeks the process of my personal universe, has been falling into shape. I have been figuring out my own personal process and have just been very quiet about :) My early years were spent "fixing and helping people", that path is not conducive to a functional me. So my path will have to be different. I have done myself a great disservice by enabling people who should learn to stand on their own. Until I can draw better lines, I need to just focus on getting my own stuff together. Trust me there is plenty, starting with finishing up my degree and the Operator certification series.

Another one of my concerns has been that someone will take my personal process and assume that is the whole of the Enochian system. As my father says about stereo instructions, "that is just another mans opinion." We get too hung on the "experts" opinion forget that we are the resident US experts. It is a universal system but the application of the forces at work are very personal and specific.

So in future posts I will try to put the impacts into words also, it is just harder for me. I am a much more introspective gal and it takes me a while to stare at the puzzle piece and see where it goes.

Now to work so that we can come hope and Work!


Servitor Lucem said...

You and your Frater see things from different perspectives when you do these workings. At least, it would seem so from your posts. Given that, it shouldn't be any surprise that you'll report differently, and if you're getting things from this that are new, it's also no surprise that you'd adapt your style. You seem to be figuring things out, and it hasn't appeared to me that you're uninterested. It has appeared that you're a bit taken aback by some of what is going on, and that the workings have made you think a little differently. It's OK, I think. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Lavanah said...

What he said. :-)
But I also got the impression that you were consciously and carefully writing lab reports. I know plenty of scientists (uh, like you) who are very enthusiastic and excited by their work, and that thrust goes into the work itself, not into the lab report.

Frater BH said...

I think I can speak for the "Good Frater" considering I am him.

I think what he was trying to communicate was that by listening to the conversation immediately after the skrying session, the sense of you being blown away was never communicated in a manner that he understood.

My Gal said...

I don't think I have been blown away. Actually quite the opposite. I have been blown HERE. It is the fine parts of the process being placed before me that definately get the scientist geek in me excited. The careful lab notes definately does go back to my training. You document it precisely, no emotion just facts. As a Pisces I have always seen myself as the most interesting experiment :)

Thank you all!