Thursday, January 1, 2009

AONT - Elemental Water on the Tablet of Union

Working with the Enochians reminds me of the word searches of my childhood. Though this has a lego component to it. The building blocks of the universe are being discovered as I apply the logos to the process. I am starting to understand the phrase your Qabalah is not my Qabalah. Each persons process is different and hence no one is the grand authority on how it interacts with YOU. Yes, they should all have similar tendencies but we all have different experiences. What is mind blowing to me is just confusing to the good Frater. I am starting to "get it" :) Though I am convinced that we are working together to get both sides. There is something distinctly binary about our process. I often hear as we are opening "For he is ever the sun and she is ever the moon." Fixed fire and mutable water go figure

Last night we worked with AONT. We did not use the wand to touch the table as we chanted and we anointed ourselves in an Ocean Breeze oil. Also we used the 1st, 2nd and 4th calls to open. As he was chanting I got an image of the letters forming a square around the table and building up in 7 layers. When he chanted the center tablet those also formed letters in 7 stacks. When he chanted the 7 names of the SDA then those names strung the square sides of the table together as if someone were running a string through them from side to side. Perhaps it was a form of creation but it looked like a good way to hold the whole thing together. My inner engineer approved.

She (yes I know that they are beyond gender but that is how they come to me) was very subtle. In fact so subtle that I had a hard time contacting her. Though a Hamster prompt, I called out for HCOMA and suddenly the signal cleared up. The two actually overlayed their images and then HCOMA stepped back. It was very strange but functional. I called to them for a form and got the image of a water drop. Actually it was more like surface tension of a water drop. It was explained to me that they were the process by which water flows and binds together through surface tension and capillary action. It was at a distinctly microcosmic level. I asked for a color and got a reflected sky blue. I asked why the reflection and she stated that she needs the other elements in order to effect change. Her manifestation is through "other elements in ways I do not understand." I asked for taste and got distilled water. The feeling that there is something wet but yet osmosis is moving the salts in my body around. Most curious.

I asked if she had a scent and she said that she liked roses. I asked if she like the oil we were using and got NO. She stated that she liked "anything lunar" which I took to mean any of the lunar incense. Duly noted. I asked if her subtle form was a function of the moons placement and she said no. This was just how she was. I asked if the image from the opening spun or moved in someway and she said yes but not in a way that I would understand. I asked if I was on the right track with the engineering and the schooling and she said "yes but you just need to finish something!" It was a bit brisk and I asked if this was a function of my ego. She stated "of course but why do you think we gave you one?" It was very matter of fact. I was taken a back and concerned that too much of me was creeping in. With that she kissed my third eye (the second time that has happpened) and my eyes shot open. Curiouser and curiouser. I went to sleep very shortly afterwards and slept very well all night. If I dreamed I did not remember any of it, but I awoke very rested.

Happy New Year!

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