Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RMTO and NANTA - Up the down staircase

Up the Down Staircase was one of my favorite books as a kid. I have it in hardcopy somewhere around here. Mom gave it to me a few years ago to replace the one I literally wore out as a kid.

Last night we called on the combined spirits of RMTO and NANTA from the tablet of Union. RMTO does not come trippingly off the tongue but I pronouced every letter very carefully this time. What I got was similar to the first images of NANTA, but in utter darkness. I got an inverted pentagram in striking red. Spirit decending into matter in my tradition. Very fitting. I got a rift or tear in the universal fabric. Again I heard "and a double welcome to you." Only it was pitch black - except for the light coming through the tear in the space fabric. I asked for a visual and got a shooting cross of brilliant white blue light. It actually sounded like it had been electrified and I got a flash/ wiff of ozone.

Suddenly a figure appeared that was RMTO. He held a lantern and always with his back to me. He guided me over to an entrance to a cave. He walked down into the cave and I followed. What I found was a dark cavern with steps. Endless spiral steps. We walked not in a circle but in a square around these steps decending into the bowels of the Earth. It felt like we were unwinding the squares of the Holy Table. He was a shadowy figure like that of the Hermit card. As we decended I asked questions. Most of which he ignored. Then I asked if he/they were terrestrial spirits. He stopped and straightened up. Never turning around he told me in a FIRM voice "we are at the right hand of GOD! This creation is our job." Then he told me "no more than being a mechanic makes you a CAR!" He gave me several more examples. I got it and he was flat out grumpy about that one. So then we moved on to divinity. Quickly.

I asked what was the nature of God and got the song "Pure energy". I said so splitting the atom would release pure energy and hence the face of God? I asked then if all those who had been part of the atomic blasts had seen the face of God? He stated that "there was a reason the old testiment said THAT was a bad idea." He said yes that they did "but in a bad way."

I told him that this passage reminded me of the stories of the underworld and he said that there was a reason I kept getting the inverted pentagram. Spirit decending into matter is how he did "his job." I asked him what that was and he told me to look down. What I saw were the letters of Table as stair steps. We were walking down the table. Spirit was decending into matter. He was a subtle fellow. Subtle like a big brick to the head. My eyes opened and we had parted ways.


Jason Miller, said...

I love the bit about the atomic explosion revealing the face of god and the relation the dangers of viewing the face of god in the old testament. Great stuff.

Rufus Opus said...

I think I see a disconnect between our understandings of what a "Terrestrial" spirit and a "Celestial" spirit might be. Or something.

All Spirits are "at the right hand of God" to one degree or another. The modifier "Terrestrial" isn't referring to their origin, it's their their range of operation, authority, control, and concern.

When I say "Terrestrial" I mean they aren't here to get me to Celestial Spheres any more than an auto Mechanic is the same thing as an Airplane mechanic. And conjuring them isn't going to get you to the "Celestial" spheres any more than a car mechanic is going to drive you to the Moon.

Rufus Opus said...

I forgot to subscribe to additional comments.

My Gal said...

Defining their natures by their jobs is useful and useless all at the same time. Since I am a material being and do not plan any great dissolutions into the abyss anytime soon, I am OK with thier terms. They are slowly showing me how the divine architecht constructed the universe. By knowing the work I am learning about the master craftsman. I do not see how getting to know God is terrestrial nor do I understand your obsession with the spheres. It is all one sphere is my little book. The lines in this case are arbitrary and for our amusement.Just my early morning grumblings.

My Gal said...

Jason -

Yeah, I was rather taken aback by their sense of irony. I just have to own up that I was a Catholic school girl and that is going to be one of their lines of communication. It does however put some of the more abstract bits of that into perspective. Who knew that there was a warning label on the stuff from that long ago??? Curiouser and curiouser.

Rufus Opus said...

I don't know why you think it's an obsession. It's a map. A model. I group things by their similarities and differences. EHNB is not ADOEOET. They manifest under different names for a reason. They have different roles and responsibilities. "Lunar" spirits have "Lunar" qualities. Spirits of the "Celestial" spheres have "Celestial" qualities. They aren't all the same, they aren't all one big thing, because if they were, they wouldn't need to differentiate between themselves by expressing themselves to us as different entities of different traits.

And maybe there isn't any difference between them, and there's just One thing, but for us to interact with it, we need it to be in bite-size chunks that we can differentiate. To my pragmatic mind, the fact that they manifest "as if" they were different beings, or different aspects of the same thing means that for all practical purposes they "are" different.

I have found that the "Spirits" of the "Spheres" are how I, as a magician, resume my role as the new Adam. It's an ongoing process, a Great Work that I'm doing in my spare time. It's traditional. Magicians across the ages have done it the same way, with different takes on things.

Maybe if working with the spheres hadn't had such a large impact on my life, I wouldn't be as "obsessed" with them. But they have. The map is extremely useful, practical, and meaningful. It's also beautiful, and the way they work together creates a beautiful symphony of high and low notes, a music of the spheres that isn't possible without the different notes.

I like it that way.