Sunday, November 16, 2008


In my geeky search for meaning to these Enochian tools, I got a prompt from the Hamster to investigate why the Ensigns of Creation would be made out of tin. I started by searching in 777 and found that tin was alchemically related to Chockmah. Curious I moved on. Then I looked at the atomic structure of tin. It's number is 50 and that corrosponds to the "Red Earth, the soil; Earth of Chesed." OK interesting. Then I looked at the actual structure which lead me to the above picture. The original title of the post was going to be "Fuck me running" because that was what came out of my mouth when I discovered this little tidbit.

Basically the tin is a crystalline structure that twins to form a pyramid and then twists into a seven sided figure. At that point you could have knocked me over with a feather.

To try to explain my universe here, I was shocked to find out that tin comes from a bond with coal (black Binah) that does not oxidize but which forms a layer from oxidation for other metals. It is coming down on the path the Fool (Alef/ Air/ Logos) and is being birthed throught the Empress (Venus/ Mother/ Creation). It is know to the ancients as Earth of Chesed and when you look at the structure of its pyramid crystals you can easily see the supernals spinning out to allow Chesed to create. Then that pyramid of Chesed twists again into a TWINNED (two crystal) structure that has 7 sides. All over the Sigillium are references to the heptagram and the 7 planets.

To my simple brain this is a functional blue print to the universe of creation. It shows step by step how the process occurs elegantly and simply. When coupled with the beacon/ combination lock of the SDA my little head literally starts to hurt.


Lavanah said...

Took me a moment to get past the diagram (my dad still shakes his head over how the science gene skipped my generation), but once I actually read the post, my reaction was completely expletive included. Holy shit, that is cool stuff. And, it even made me go back and study the diagram.

My Gal said...

It is not the best diagram for the subject but my head was totally exploding. I highly recommend studying the structure of the metals. The most amazing part to me is that THEY (Dee and Kelly) did not know this when were working with it originally. Now that is trippy!