Saturday, November 15, 2008

5 Gold Rings...

So again, I apologize for my lousy photograph. It got even worse this time, somehow my mothers hands kept showing up in the picture ( I swear those cannot possibly be MY hands...)

Anywho... here are two of the five rings that were made. I still have that 12 days of Christmas song in my head from this one. The first three all count as prototypes. It took me that many to figure out how to get them to look presentable and actually fit. The process involves gold sculpty, a pin, an exacto, a sheet of lexan, a piece of paper, a baking tin and some paper towels.

I started by flattening it out and carving it in one piece. The trick was not to carve the outter box on the picture. If you do, you weaken the area where the square meets the band and it breaks. Yeah that was one prototype. Then it occured to me that if I took paper and rolled it as a form around my finger I could get close to the right size. That worked but I did not take into account the thickness of the paper. Yes 2 more prototypes. Finally we got the two you see above. They are pretty sparkly and hefty.

I am clutz and I didn't want to worry about breaking the ring at a bad moment. So far those are the tools.

Off to lunch and maybe to carve some more on the SDA.

We will see :)

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